Monday, December 8, 2008

christmas countdown

I have waited to long so now I have to play catch up so lets get started
December 1
I have looked high and low far and wide and could not find curtins to fit my living room, that frustrates me so much when it comes to liveing here when it comes time for me to decorate i can never find what I have in mind for my house I dont know weather it just my taste or these lousley stores here so I have to improvise and work with what I have here, I got these curtins from Roses and beleive it or not these are shower curtins and now I have to put my skills to work and make these shower curtins into living room window curtins.

December 2

Today I had lunch with Gracie Poo, we ate at our favorite mexican place 3 Amigos and as we ate we talked about old times and new what she has been doing since she retired and what I have been doing since I took over her place at eic we talked about our aces and pains and troubles and whoes and about our good time here and there we talked about how we missed working together we talked about how I cant wait to retire but still have a long way to go, but the main thing is we talked and I think Grace really needed that, after all that talking I paid for lunch, Grace left the tip and I went back to work and she went to the book store to get her some more reading material, I miss her, I dont miss some of her ways but I miss having her around, Good luck grace on your new adventure.

December 3,
Still working on these damn Curtins and they are really getting on my nurve I fix one thing and before I know it there is another thing not fitting the was I seem to think it should, why didnt I just buy the marerial and make these things from scratch because thats what it feels like I doing now, I dont want to waste my money but I dont think I have the patience to work on these things any longer I think I gonna quit.

December 4
Well after much looking and a very very very long wait I have finally done it, I have went and got myself a wii I cant beleive I got a wii I knew sooner or later they would send enough of them to the stores for every one to get one, Called Daniell on my way home to pick with her, she didnt think it was funny, cause she did get hers yet but can you beleive it I got a wii and ashley and Kristy want me to open it a play with it so bad not gonna happen I am gonna wait for Christmas I want something under the tree to open to when Ashley is tearing rapping paper and throwing boxes around, I love it just love it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Count Down

O.K here are some pages from my countdown to december book, this is the cover page aint it cute

page one I will be adding the picture for this page and the next page soon I'm already into December 2, now

this is the 4th day love the house, these are some stickers I brought at a scrapbook yard sale for $2.00 love them

page 7 love my little funky tree it just dances to the music

and here is Christmas day you just gotta love this book I do. I will post later with the pictures gotta go now see you soon

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

been working

I've been working long and hard on my countdown to chirstmas book and I'm really liking the way it's turning out I really must post some pictures. I am so glad I followed Ali on this venture It really looks like its going to be a book to be proud of in the years to come. I can't wait to start putting pictures and journaling it is going to be a great book.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

been a while

havent been here in a while, been very busy scrapping and other things, well first off I have decided to join Ali Edwards in her December Daily challange I have to make or find a album that will have at least 25 pages or more number them all 1 - 25 and wait for december to roll around, when it dose I will post a picture and journaling for every day in December, that should be one pretty mean book

This is Ali Edwards book for 2008 its suppose to be about texture, telling your christmas 2008 story about being there in the moment and being able to document the here and now when it happens. If I can keep up this will be a very special book for my family. Wish me luck I'm gonna work one it once I get from under this dryer.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Used my new system

I finished a new book tonight and I am very proud, I gashed a big hole in my finger trying to open some glue so I could fix my liquid chalk so I could finish this book but I finally finished it and I'm very proud, its called pieces of home just some pictures and journaling about the bits and pieces of my house that make it my home.

page one and two tell about the bookand it goes on about my little things but the point I was trying to make is that when I decided to make this book it was just a thought and I looked into my little file of all about me pictures and pull the pictures that I wanted to use right out, it was so easy I didnt spend three weeks looking for the pictures and loose intrest after a week, I pulled them out and took pictures of what I didnt have that I wanted and bam here is the book I'm so proud.

did a couple of layouts to and they were easy to just looked throu my photo albums and pulled out the pages and wham put the pages together (I must say I scrap lifted them from Becky's 2nd book) that was easy too I love those books.

this is the second page I will stich them together one day to tired tonight but I really did want to post them. o.k I will post some more tomorrow. good night for now

Friday, June 20, 2008


Well we went and ohhhhh what a place it was, I loved it I have never seen anything like it an indoor water park, spa, game room, it was all so nice I would like to go here every year I must start saving my money now.

our room was on the fourth floor, and a long walk away from the water park (note to self next year make sure you get a room a little closer to the water park) but that aside the room was just what I saw on line when I made my reservations. I loved the balcony I spent a lot of time out there just watching things move around me

I have never seen a indoor water park before this was turly amazing ther was water spriting out of every open hole a big bucket that filled up and dumped water on any one that was standing there, if your not here to get wet this is not the place to be.

this is the spa and I treated myself and my oldest daughter to a massage, our first and oh it felt sooooo good this is something I have to treat myself more often I just felt so good so relaxed everyone should have at least one in their lifetime.

the girls loved the water they stayed in there as long as they could, every day we were there I had to pry them out the water to eat

all in all it was a beautful trip and I am gonna take another as soon as my money is right.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge - Williamsburg - Explore Our Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge - Williamsburg - Explore Our Lodge We are going on vacation and I cant wait were going to great wolf lodge in willimsburg and all I want to do is sit around and do nothing while the kids play their little hearts out I will try and blog while Im there so wish me well and I will talk to you at the lodge

Monday, May 5, 2008


I just had to share this, here is my Ashley who crawled into the dogs kennell, Why I don't know sometimes I wonder about that child when she gets board.

more cards

this is another card I made with this paper and another one of mish sketches I really love this paper I will be making more cards with this paper, well needless to say after I started turning out these cards everybody wanted to make cards to and so we were off into mother's day card making land and had a good time at it.

with this card I decided to give myself permission to use paper that I purchased back in October of 07 because it was so cute and I just couldnt bring myself to use it but once I started on the cards I just wanted to use all the pretty paper I had, on this on I used my new cupcake stamps, oh I am in love with these stamps, thanks again Mish I cant wait to see what cards and things I will turn out with these stamps.

Now say hello to my mojo, yes it is back and kicking up dust every where, this is the cover page to my all about us album I am so proud of it, now I am working on the divider pages for each of us here is the one for Ashley,

I have decided to make all the divider pages pink because when I have to remove the pages into their own books they will be pink, I have already done so many pages on Ashley that her section is almost full wow I had no idea that I had done so many pages until I started to fill up the books I just love this system IT ROCKS THANKS STACY. Well I gonna go for now until my next post


O.k so Saturday was NSD and i spent it at may lss got there about 12:30 pm and met the new owners, (oh boy thats another blog) but I sat there for about an hour and a half and did not produce not one page well finally I decided to try my hand at a card, so I broke out my sketch book (thank you Mish) and I came up with this one, I don't know the company of this paper but it was some the store used in the make and takes I loved it so much I brought 3 pages of each.
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Friday, May 2, 2008

I can see clearly now

I've got it I've got it I finally see the big picture and it is soooooooooo clear, I have started working on my first layout since I got organized and it feels good as I worked on it the picture just got clearer and clearer and now I know the book was worth every penny I spent, I will post the layout as soon as I finished I'm soooooo happy bye

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reading Again

I started rereading my book again Photo Freedom thinking maybe I missed something, maybe there was something in there that I failed to do and that's why I cant seem to get my scrap self together, well I must say that reading it again for the second time is really different experience I understand more I see, yes finally see the big picture. (thanks Stacy) so maybe after this I will go and create something my family will enjoy for the rest of their lives. Oh and you know what I finally started putting my layouts into my new books and I love it I have almost filled up my all about us book now I have to sit down and make some divider pages for each person and after reading the book again I see that I will need another book for school days, but I will get to that later. o.k enough for now talk to you later.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

triple sketches

I have subscribed to a blog called triple sketches and I really love it they just started and I have been there since day one, I like the idea of a sketch a week it gives me such hope for my pages and cards in the future. As much as I look foward to those sketches comming in my in email inbox I copy them down, and then nothing just nothing I really must sit down in that scrap room of mine and get my books together, after all that work I did getting everything soarted and put into place from the book I should be able to sit down and create page after page and thats just what I'm gonna do, I did sit down and make some cards this weekend and if I must say so my self they came out right nice I will post them later so my mission this week is to start getting my pages into those new books that I just purchased and get my family library ball rolling, lets get this thing going so my posts can be full of wonderful thoughts and pages from my new system.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Cant I scrap

I've got my photos all in their places all my blogs have good journaling in them, my memoribale is all in its place, then why cant I get in there and put a page together why cant I scrap, what is wrong with me I know I have not lost my mojo I know I can do it what is the problem, I know I can I know I can, what is the problem, I really want to put my books together and have a wonderful library so what is stopping me, I have not put together a page that I fell in love with in almost two years, I still love this hobby, I'm still buying cute little things that I just had to have I have a room all to myself I even gave a crop, I must dig down deep and find out what is wrong it must be something inside my head, some kind of fear that I must get in touch with something that is stopping me from creating in the hobby that I once loved so dearly. I must find out what is wrong before I lose it all.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ahsleys new room

I redid my Ashley's room and we love love it she chose her colors while we were walking around Walmart and once that was done we took the ball and ran with it. got her a brand new bed sheets pillows chairs rugs curtains the whole nine it was a whole new room when we got don't done and she loves it there was a time she would not stay in her room and she would not keep it clean. but now it's just a happy place every time I walk by the door it makes my eyes happy, there are no clothes on the floor no shoes under the bed, when you open the closet door things are not falling out on your head it is just a happy place to be, I can now go in there and sit down in her chairs and talk to her without feeling like I just have to get out of here I'm happy she loves her little happy place there is still a few more things we have to do little things but overall its her own little corner of the world where she can go and clear her head and make her eyes happy.
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

starting a new system

I'm ready, the pictures have been filed and I sit here just looking afraid to start for fear of doing something wrong it all looks so nice and I can find any picture I need for any project but it all looks just to easy, I did have a crop yesterday and I did do one layout (I will post it soon) and I am really proud of it I have three different pictures from three different times and I love it, this way of scrapping is going to take some time getting use to but I know I can do it I'm waiting for my new albums I had my lss order for me once they get here I can start putting my layouts in them this should really be good I have enough layouts here to do about 3 full books I will have to order some more when I can. well wish me luck, I have some swaps to finish and then I am full force into my new system.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


o.k I think I finally finished putting all the pictures I have in some kind of order I still have a few things I have to do like triage some more photos and a few other things but you know I feel good I mean really good, now I have still have to read the rest of the book and follow the rest of the steps or should I say rearrange them to suit my way of scrapping but I think I have this thing down I am a little afraid to start because I'm really not 100% sure on everything I know I know I'm just suppose to scrap and have fun doing it it all just looks a little too easy. and I dont want to mess up I think I really put it to work at my crop next weekend yes that will be the true test that will tell if I finally have it. so wish me luck and sooner or later I will get in my scrap room and just let go.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Still working

O.K I'm still working on my photos and really feeling good about it this book is something I really needed and didn't even know it. just like Stacy says this is not an overnight or a weekend thing you have to spend some time putting the system to work for you but like I said before I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I cant wait to get there, I am planning a scrap for the weekend of April 5Th and I want to have enough of this system in place so I will know what I am doing when I sit down at that table I want to turn out meaningful pages to go in my books without having to spend hours and hours on finding all the things I need just to get started. O.K must go back to the book. talk to you later.

Monday, March 24, 2008

A hole new world

I have started reading a new book by Stacy Julian that is opening a whole new scrapbook world to me and I am overjoyed, Its a lot of work but I know I can get throu this the more I work at it and follow her advice the more I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am in the process of rearranging my photos to suit my style and it is very uplifting I am seeing pictures that I have forgot I had ones that I wanted to scrap at one time or another but just couldnt or wouldnt go look for because it was just to much, with Stacy's system I know now I can go right to what is on my mind at that moment and find it right away. I love love this system, well gotta go now still have a lot of work to do with these picture and I know it will be worth every minuet I spend on them.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Its a sad day in my book just as I was enjoying myself in my scrapbook someone put a stop to it all, I am happy and sad at the same time, my scrapbook store that I have come to know and love is changing and I cant do anything about it, Summer who as come to be one of my closest and dearest friends is going to have a baby, Oh no let me correct Summer is going to have 3 babies, triplets I am so happy for her, when she called me with the news I almost dropped to the floor we were just talking not to long ago about our friends and babies and how everyone is just about finished with the baby thing and along she comes with the phone call wow I didn't see that one coming. but on top of that she is not going to be able to run the scrapbook store with three babies it would just be to hard I know that, but the scrapbook life that I loved is slowly slipping away, it just wont be the same, she is going to sell out to another girl and that will be it for me I will have to go back to qvc and online shopping and I will miss the scrapping times we had together. but that is life and I do understand that's just the way things go. you know what they say when God closes one door he opens a window I just have to find out where my window is and when I do. boy oh boy I will be ready.

Monday, January 21, 2008

new mission

wow Christmas is over and it's already in the middle of January my how time flies I can't believe how fast things are coming along, I am on a new mission now I want to move into my own house and I want to do it by August of 2008, I am doing everything I can to make that dream happen so I will be updating my blog as much as possible to see how I coming along with this mission wish me luck