Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Junque Jounal entry

this is my entry for a little contest that is being held by Julie her blog is you are to make a junque journal that is just for you with some of your favorite things in it so here is my junque journal hope you like it I know I do I used the paper I pulled from my stash, it is made by making memories and the line is hul la ba loo, it was just screaming Hello Kitty, I had cut some cherries from my Hello Kitty cartridge and just fell in love with that cartridge and had to use it on this book and they all came together so well I titled the book the remains of the day cause at the end of the day all the little things left over that you don't want to throw away but have no where to put them they will find a home in this book, I will keep a update here when I start add things to it, this should be really fun cant wait to see what the finished product will look like and just how chunky it will be.

now gone on over to Julie's blog and vote vote vote

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Working hard

Hay everyone (everyone thats listining to me) yep I've been busy again and have quit a few things to show and tell

let me start by saying that I made a mini for my co-worker, she needed a gift for her friends birthday, I used my prima flowers and made some page candy for it added some pearls and a saying cut from the paper pack

I also made a charm to hang from the binding, (I tell you, you can learn just about anything on youtube) I love that place,

I tryed to keep this book simple but elegant I made it with manilla envolopes I got from the dollar tree and when it was finished I was in love

I did add just a few bells and whisles a place to store some tags and a slider tag on the other page. it really is a beautful book glad I tood pictures cause its gone now, next

I have had this little wooden book in my stash for years (about 6) and did nothing with it, every time I tryed to start it I would cut the paper the wrong way, and get frustrated and put it down, well I finally was able to finish it and wow I love it, its so colorful and playful,

I tryed to keep this one very simple to, I used my hello kitty cartridge and went to work cutting embellies to go with this book and I'm impressed with it dont know weather to keep it or sell it, love it

another book pulled from my stash it to is very colorful and playful I titled this one friends, this one was kinda hard to work on and with, I will not be buying another one of these books again, but it turned out really pretty what do you think,

heres another mini I dont have to tell you the name its as big as day and I love it, this one I put pictures in and all I have to do now is journal in it  wow I have been busy, have a few more things to show you but will do that later for now everyone have a great day.