Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ahsleys new room

I redid my Ashley's room and we love love it she chose her colors while we were walking around Walmart and once that was done we took the ball and ran with it. got her a brand new bed sheets pillows chairs rugs curtains the whole nine it was a whole new room when we got don't done and she loves it there was a time she would not stay in her room and she would not keep it clean. but now it's just a happy place every time I walk by the door it makes my eyes happy, there are no clothes on the floor no shoes under the bed, when you open the closet door things are not falling out on your head it is just a happy place to be, I can now go in there and sit down in her chairs and talk to her without feeling like I just have to get out of here I'm happy she loves her little happy place there is still a few more things we have to do little things but overall its her own little corner of the world where she can go and clear her head and make her eyes happy.
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