Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good News

Hay everyone do I have good news for you, my work will now be in the local gallery here in my little town I am so happy my work can you beleive it, well I will be posting more often the things that happen from now on in the gallery but until then here are just some things I'm working on, and you know some just might be for the gallery

this is the cover of a mini I was working on for valentines day I just love the heart man and woman it is so kool, got it from somebody on youtube I must have made 12 of these things before I got it right,

dont know if I posted this one or not but I like it so much I will post it again if I did this is a armore I made from chipboard I had laying around and I love it  got a porblem with closing but I think I got something that will work, I am also working on a mini to match to go inside of the armore, yes I think I will take this one to the gallery I wonder just what kind of price tag I can put on it, I'm also working on a baby girl mini that is turning out really nice, will post it when I have a few more pages done.

this will be a short post I have to take some more pictures to post so for right now I will say nite nite and will post again tomorrow

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Soooooo Much to say

Wow I've been gone for a while AGAIN but I'm back again with a lot to say, so I will tell you things in bits and chunks as not to bore you, so with that being said lets get started.

Lets start with my ornagization I went on a search looking for these Martha Stewart cubby holes after seeing them on Drew (card of my eye's) youtube channel and I love these things I can store so much in those big sliding boxes and I know where everything is, its just great, It really makes my scrapping much easier, I dont spend an hour looking for that thing that I just saw somewhere lol.

And you know I had to go over and check out Michaels and see if their cubes were on sale and low and behold they were, so I got me another 4 draw to store my clear stamps in, (got that tip from Margart (margarets craftes) on you tube thanks Margaret, when I finally make up my dividers and get those draws together I will show you just how great it is.

Next, I have a co-worker that works on checks and whenever she opens a new package of checks there is cardboard in there and she saves them for me, well she sent me a nice size stack of that lovley stuff and I wanted to do something to say thanks, so I made here a little book to put her grand daughters picures in this is the cover, I just fell in love with it when it was finished, I tryed to keep it simple because she is not a scrapbooker, I think you really love it

I use the Die Cuts With a View Sweets stack and my Silhouette to cut some of the embillishments, this book was so much fun to do I have'nt done simple in a long time

  I think I'm gonna do it again, just cause I like it so much, the chipboard was 8 1/2 x 11 I just cut it in half which made the book 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 a great size to work with leaves a lot of room for pictures,

I added a charm, some fibers and a pacie to the binder rings and it just came out so cute I love it,

Ok thats enough for now will tell you more tomorrow,