Monday, April 8, 2013

project life weeks 1-5

Soooo I've been working on this project life, been wanting to try it since Beckey Higgins came out with it a few years ago, but was afraid that I would not keep up with it so I didnt give it a shot, well this year Pam talked me into it, and so far its going along pretty good,
This is my title page I cut the tree and the title out with my trusty Silhouette and I just love it, the title card came from a core kit from Becky that I was not to happy with the name of the kit is Turquoise, I chose it because I love the color turquoise but not the case with this kit, I just dont like the designs on the back of the cards, but I tryed to find a way to get them into my book anyway. The paper I used is from jelly bean soup 6x6 pad, cant remember which one but I thought the trees on the one page was just right for my title page (what do you think????)

Now this is week 1 and I just love it more papers from jellybean soup and a few embellies as the pages come along you will see I get the hang of adding the embellies and picking out the papers I think I will add a quote or a saying to that blank box next to my daughter, it just looks so lost out there all by itself.
here it is again with the journaling and the quote now isnt that better lol
Week 2 is starting to look up, I'm getting the hang of this and it feels good and I'm gonna try to keep it up as long as I can, I like the fact that it only takes a short time to bring the week together and your done, its as easy as pulling out the photos, journaling on the cards and sticking them in the pockets and on to the next week, Its only as hard and complacated as you want to make it
I'm cooking with gas now I really like this page and when I look back on it a year or two from now I will be so glad that I put this book together. I received some core cards from Pam, (she got the amber kit and I love them so much better than mine. love them so much I had to purchase a set for myself.

week 4 I'm really getting into my stylenow and this is still fun, I used a lot of embellies , arrows and journaling this is comming along just great.
now last but not least this is week 5 and I really reached deep into the embellies I found some wood pieces at michaels, used up my grung board arrows pulled out some stickers I forgot I had and went to work.
Some time down the line I'm gonna get back to using my silhouette and cut out some of the phrases that I downloaded but right now I'm gonna try and us up as many stickers and chipboard that I can
But for now all the weeks and numbers are cut out using my silhouette 
Ok thats it for now, be back in a few with some more scrappy goodness. lol