Monday, September 17, 2012

Ok let me start off by saying that I have found a new place to call internet home and I love love love it. No I'm not just saying this to be saying it I'm in love with this site, and the name of this site you ask it's called PINTEREST and it is crazy, its like having your own personal bullentin board where you can pin anything and everything you can find on the internet, I have over 100 boards and I'm there every day adding something to some of my boards, if you have not been there you have got to check it out here are some of the things I have recreated from pinterest gonna try to give the original owners their props so you can go over to their blogs and see where my inspritation came from

this one was a little trying,you can find the original post here   it was kinda hard to get the branches right but once I did it really popped love the embossing on all the cards, I  have a nice collection of embossing folders and NEVER used them for anything, but once I found pinterest it was over I've been on that big shot with those folders every chance I get I love this card, I made them all in two's because sooner or later I'm gonna have to give one away lol

this one came together quick,here is the original post I came pretty close didnt I      had to open my silhouette and get to cutting because I for now I have no foilage dies but that will change when I find me some

this one came together fast to  here is the original   I tell you that embossing is great and I'm using my stamps to there is nothing like pinterest NOTHING
this is sooo cute here is the original card it was so simple just punch and add bling is'nt it sooooo cute.  I also made some tags to here is some of them

now for the tags I did'nt have any of the things I saw in the pictures but I gave it my best shot and I really like mine all these flowers I hand made myself wow I never thought I would use them (thanks pinterest) here is the post to these tags mine looks nothiing like the one on the blog but I tryed 

I love this one love the colors love the layout just love everything about it now the layout is the same as the one I saw in the picture but everything is different (flowers, butterfly, leaves ect....) here is the blog but you will have to hunt around to find the tag

this is the first on I made and when it was finished I knew I had to do more it really got me to using my stash I mean little things I couldnt see a use for anywhere else the perfect place was the tagshere is the post for the original
ok thats it for now got to go pin a few thingsand try and recreate them have a great day everyone