Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reading Again

I started rereading my book again Photo Freedom thinking maybe I missed something, maybe there was something in there that I failed to do and that's why I cant seem to get my scrap self together, well I must say that reading it again for the second time is really different experience I understand more I see, yes finally see the big picture. (thanks Stacy) so maybe after this I will go and create something my family will enjoy for the rest of their lives. Oh and you know what I finally started putting my layouts into my new books and I love it I have almost filled up my all about us book now I have to sit down and make some divider pages for each person and after reading the book again I see that I will need another book for school days, but I will get to that later. o.k enough for now talk to you later.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

triple sketches

I have subscribed to a blog called triple sketches and I really love it they just started and I have been there since day one, I like the idea of a sketch a week it gives me such hope for my pages and cards in the future. As much as I look foward to those sketches comming in my in email inbox I copy them down, and then nothing just nothing I really must sit down in that scrap room of mine and get my books together, after all that work I did getting everything soarted and put into place from the book I should be able to sit down and create page after page and thats just what I'm gonna do, I did sit down and make some cards this weekend and if I must say so my self they came out right nice I will post them later so my mission this week is to start getting my pages into those new books that I just purchased and get my family library ball rolling, lets get this thing going so my posts can be full of wonderful thoughts and pages from my new system.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Cant I scrap

I've got my photos all in their places all my blogs have good journaling in them, my memoribale is all in its place, then why cant I get in there and put a page together why cant I scrap, what is wrong with me I know I have not lost my mojo I know I can do it what is the problem, I know I can I know I can, what is the problem, I really want to put my books together and have a wonderful library so what is stopping me, I have not put together a page that I fell in love with in almost two years, I still love this hobby, I'm still buying cute little things that I just had to have I have a room all to myself I even gave a crop, I must dig down deep and find out what is wrong it must be something inside my head, some kind of fear that I must get in touch with something that is stopping me from creating in the hobby that I once loved so dearly. I must find out what is wrong before I lose it all.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ahsleys new room

I redid my Ashley's room and we love love it she chose her colors while we were walking around Walmart and once that was done we took the ball and ran with it. got her a brand new bed sheets pillows chairs rugs curtains the whole nine it was a whole new room when we got don't done and she loves it there was a time she would not stay in her room and she would not keep it clean. but now it's just a happy place every time I walk by the door it makes my eyes happy, there are no clothes on the floor no shoes under the bed, when you open the closet door things are not falling out on your head it is just a happy place to be, I can now go in there and sit down in her chairs and talk to her without feeling like I just have to get out of here I'm happy she loves her little happy place there is still a few more things we have to do little things but overall its her own little corner of the world where she can go and clear her head and make her eyes happy.
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

starting a new system

I'm ready, the pictures have been filed and I sit here just looking afraid to start for fear of doing something wrong it all looks so nice and I can find any picture I need for any project but it all looks just to easy, I did have a crop yesterday and I did do one layout (I will post it soon) and I am really proud of it I have three different pictures from three different times and I love it, this way of scrapping is going to take some time getting use to but I know I can do it I'm waiting for my new albums I had my lss order for me once they get here I can start putting my layouts in them this should really be good I have enough layouts here to do about 3 full books I will have to order some more when I can. well wish me luck, I have some swaps to finish and then I am full force into my new system.