Sunday, April 6, 2008

starting a new system

I'm ready, the pictures have been filed and I sit here just looking afraid to start for fear of doing something wrong it all looks so nice and I can find any picture I need for any project but it all looks just to easy, I did have a crop yesterday and I did do one layout (I will post it soon) and I am really proud of it I have three different pictures from three different times and I love it, this way of scrapping is going to take some time getting use to but I know I can do it I'm waiting for my new albums I had my lss order for me once they get here I can start putting my layouts in them this should really be good I have enough layouts here to do about 3 full books I will have to order some more when I can. well wish me luck, I have some swaps to finish and then I am full force into my new system.

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