Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our little Max

well I've been mia for a while, and thoug I thought that I was gonna do a post a day I have come to the conclusion that it just aint gonna happen, I am not a one a day anything, a pill cook dinner, wash dishes, post on the blog, nothing just nothing, so I will post as much as I can, well today my Ashley is mad with me because I have decided that our little Max has to find a new home, I love that little dog but he is just to much for me at my age, and Ashley is just not helping like she should, she walks him when she is ready feeds him at her own convenience and plays with him when it suits her and that dose not work for a dog, he needs activity every day food twice a day and to go potty at least four times a day, and right now I'm the one that dose the most of it and when he wants something anything he comes to me and that is really draining me with the both of them fighting for room on my lap and my attention, after a long day at work, I am drained already, I just cant do it anymore so I will be looking for a good home for my little max, it will hurt and I know I will cry, but if I don't do it I'm not sure how long it will last.

Monday, January 5, 2009

day 2

O.K I made it to day two of journaling and I'm proud of my self, well what can I say about today, today was back to work day after the Holidays, it felt kinda of good to get back to work, you know the whole something to do thing, other than staying in the house and playing games and eating all day. I enjoy going to work no two days are ever the same at my job we talk, we laugh and sometimes we wonder just what the hell is on some peoples minds half of the time, but hay you cant change people you can only watch them and stay out of the way of the craze's, try and help the lost, and maybe sometime give a shot at trying to fix the broken, and all the while keep your own sanity at the same time.

I cant find my scrapbooking mojo, I go into my room look around touch a few things and turn around and walk out, I have a few ( who am I kidding I have a lot of projects) that I need to finish. but I cant find the mojo to finish anything, I really want to work on my family library but just cant muster up the creativity to do so. Ive been checking out the blogs of my favorite scrappers, Stacy Jillian, Tim Holt, and Ali Edwards, I've read a lot of things I would like to start, things I would love to do, but still no mojo, well I guess it will come in time.

Stacy is now talking about 365 a layout a day a picture a day and journaling everyday, sounds so good but I know that I can not commit to such a thing I'm just not a every day scrapper, as much as I would love to create a layout a day in reality I know for a fact that its just not me, I will have to be content with just journaling everyday on my blog and sometimes pull something out and do a layout on it.

I still have not finished my books by Ali Edwards maybe if I read some of them I will find my mojo in there some where. I havent been on Stacy's blog for a while so I really must go back and back track a lot of her posts, she is my big picture person she is the reason I changed my whole system and way of scrapping , yea thats it I will get back into her and thats where I will find my mojo, working with my family library, filling up those books with pages that my future generations will enjoy looking at. a library that will tell the who, what, when, where, and why of our lives and times, yea thats what I'll do. I will finish reading my books and start working on my family library

Well thats it for now talk to you tomorrow.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

O.K this is January 2009 and no I have not made any new years resolutions, on New Years Day, but they are comming to me one by one slowley but surley. So here goes,

1. this one is to create a BUDGET and to stick with it I have been working with my microsoft money, and after taking a good hard look at my spending habits I relized that I spend away to much money on crap, and that will stop, It's not that I want any thing big or have any special plans for the money but you never know I may want something down the line and anyway my house is starting to get a little stuffed this crap. Take out and fast food must be cut back on, and I must look throu my bills and see what I can pay off and cut back on, not really trying to free up any money just trying to spend wiseley.

2. This one is to teach my child (Ashley) this same lesson to spend money wisley and that it dose not grow on trees, we cant just go out and buy something just because that's what you want there is a way to get it and do it wiseley.

3. And 3rd is I want to blog something every day, I'm always saying that I have nothing to scrap so if I keep my blog up I will always have something to scrap, feelings, sayings favoriets, I have to blog something anything if its only a word I must blog something. If I can sit up in the bed and play solatare until 12 midnight I can blog my thoughts and feeling before I start that game its not that hard, I have a problem with doing something every day but this year I'm gonna work on it and get better at it to.

well thats all that came to my mind so far since the new year came in so now I can kick back and play a little solatire.