Saturday, July 12, 2008

Used my new system

I finished a new book tonight and I am very proud, I gashed a big hole in my finger trying to open some glue so I could fix my liquid chalk so I could finish this book but I finally finished it and I'm very proud, its called pieces of home just some pictures and journaling about the bits and pieces of my house that make it my home.

page one and two tell about the bookand it goes on about my little things but the point I was trying to make is that when I decided to make this book it was just a thought and I looked into my little file of all about me pictures and pull the pictures that I wanted to use right out, it was so easy I didnt spend three weeks looking for the pictures and loose intrest after a week, I pulled them out and took pictures of what I didnt have that I wanted and bam here is the book I'm so proud.

did a couple of layouts to and they were easy to just looked throu my photo albums and pulled out the pages and wham put the pages together (I must say I scrap lifted them from Becky's 2nd book) that was easy too I love those books.

this is the second page I will stich them together one day to tired tonight but I really did want to post them. o.k I will post some more tomorrow. good night for now