Monday, December 8, 2008

christmas countdown

I have waited to long so now I have to play catch up so lets get started
December 1
I have looked high and low far and wide and could not find curtins to fit my living room, that frustrates me so much when it comes to liveing here when it comes time for me to decorate i can never find what I have in mind for my house I dont know weather it just my taste or these lousley stores here so I have to improvise and work with what I have here, I got these curtins from Roses and beleive it or not these are shower curtins and now I have to put my skills to work and make these shower curtins into living room window curtins.

December 2

Today I had lunch with Gracie Poo, we ate at our favorite mexican place 3 Amigos and as we ate we talked about old times and new what she has been doing since she retired and what I have been doing since I took over her place at eic we talked about our aces and pains and troubles and whoes and about our good time here and there we talked about how we missed working together we talked about how I cant wait to retire but still have a long way to go, but the main thing is we talked and I think Grace really needed that, after all that talking I paid for lunch, Grace left the tip and I went back to work and she went to the book store to get her some more reading material, I miss her, I dont miss some of her ways but I miss having her around, Good luck grace on your new adventure.

December 3,
Still working on these damn Curtins and they are really getting on my nurve I fix one thing and before I know it there is another thing not fitting the was I seem to think it should, why didnt I just buy the marerial and make these things from scratch because thats what it feels like I doing now, I dont want to waste my money but I dont think I have the patience to work on these things any longer I think I gonna quit.

December 4
Well after much looking and a very very very long wait I have finally done it, I have went and got myself a wii I cant beleive I got a wii I knew sooner or later they would send enough of them to the stores for every one to get one, Called Daniell on my way home to pick with her, she didnt think it was funny, cause she did get hers yet but can you beleive it I got a wii and ashley and Kristy want me to open it a play with it so bad not gonna happen I am gonna wait for Christmas I want something under the tree to open to when Ashley is tearing rapping paper and throwing boxes around, I love it just love it.

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