Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Cant I scrap

I've got my photos all in their places all my blogs have good journaling in them, my memoribale is all in its place, then why cant I get in there and put a page together why cant I scrap, what is wrong with me I know I have not lost my mojo I know I can do it what is the problem, I know I can I know I can, what is the problem, I really want to put my books together and have a wonderful library so what is stopping me, I have not put together a page that I fell in love with in almost two years, I still love this hobby, I'm still buying cute little things that I just had to have I have a room all to myself I even gave a crop, I must dig down deep and find out what is wrong it must be something inside my head, some kind of fear that I must get in touch with something that is stopping me from creating in the hobby that I once loved so dearly. I must find out what is wrong before I lose it all.

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