Monday, December 19, 2011

day 19

today was stamp day, Pam and I exchanged stamps here is the set I got for her

the tall set is by inkadinkado love the words (you know i brought myself one of each) the smaller set is by my minds eye its from the lost and found collection I really love this one that bird house is great I also stamped some imges from my collection of boaring stamps lol

love this fish bowl it has so many possabilities

and this bottle you can do so many things with it

these butterflies are from the martha stewart collection and you can work wonders with these with some markers and stickels, well thats it for today until our next gift opening

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sugar cookies

Well I finally got my girls together at one time in the same room and we baked sugar cookies and had a great time with it to they were a real big hit at our family gift exchange party and some of them were really cute to

they really put a lot into those cookies (in between texts and phone calls lol)

they reallly used their imagenation but after a while I think they hit a brick wall and the cookies were looking wellllll kind of slack

so after a while we just put sugar on them, they were made from scratch and they taste really good to I wonder if we should make this a tradition.

Noodles and Ashley's day

Today is the day Ashley and Noodles open their gifts and I was so exciated this is the first time I made anything for Noodles but I knew she was gonna like it

Loveing the transformers (like I do) I decided to make her a blanket, I started to make a pillow but I just couldnt get all the pictures in like I wanted so I made the blanket,

I tied all the ends together with the back side which is a light blue to match the front it was so much fun I hope she gets many years of warmth from it.

Altered book day

Today is Altered book day, Pam talked about it a said it was OK to alter any book instead of the large composition book like we did last year
and here it is and it turned out lovely if I must say so myself
this book is a good size I just covered with paper and let the creativity flow, and flow it did as you can see I love flowers I would put them on anything if I could, lol

the flowers really make the book the I was talking to Pam while I was working on the book and asked her for her name initials the PAT you see in the frame is just Pam's initials OK until our next gift opening signing off.   

Monday, December 12, 2011

day 12

today is the day ofr the note cards here are the cards I made for Pam
they started out as little note cards from Michaels dollar ben

added a few things here and there and you got a note card thats the michaels card on the right. not to much to post today so thats it until our next opening,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Today is to from tags

Back again, and now I will show my to from tags I made for Pam
The Santa tag I got from a book it was a card that I thought would look good in tag form, the tree was cut with my silhouette and decorated with stickles

this is my fav I love it, I saw this door in my silhouette library and wanted to cut it out to see how it look and when I placed it on a tag it looked great I just went from there

this one was a tag in a book some of the things were changed I think the thing that really caught my eye was the ribbon

here is a joy card I wanted to use some of my Tim Holtz stickers so I pulled off a few of them and just went where the tag took me, the orniment is a stamp and I took my Martha Stewart fern punch and punched a lot of different color green fern and placed them down on a branch I cut from a quickutz die and it turned out great. well thats my tags see you all next time.

Wild card day

Sorry about the late post but it was my birthday and all so this post is kinda late, wild card day is when ever its one of our birthday the other gets to make or buy whatever they want for the others birthday, and on my birthday I made pam a box, but not just any box, it started out like this,

just a regular old box I got from Michaels, it had a shinny finish so I had to strip the box completly down to get all that shinny paper off then I added a layer of gesso and a couple layers of paint

didnt like the way the paint looked so out came the paper and I started covering everything and i loved it once it was covered out came the bling and the flowers and everything just fell into place. (dont you just love it)

Now I just could'nt send Pam just a empty box I had to put something in it so I made her a few little note books to stick in her pocket book so when she needs to jot something down she can have it on hand and I love the idea because it used up a lot of scraps I had laying around, (you know I might make a few more for christmas gifts for the family)

the inside of some is like a junk journal just bits and pieces of patterned paper some stamps, rub-ons and other things I had laying around, some of the other books have just some large index cards cut in half and bound with my chinch (gotta love that chinch) ok thats it for this post next we open to from tags so I'll be right back.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5 of the 12 days of Christmas with Pam

Today is day 5 and I know I know I'm late with my post but I was in a couponing class and I learned a thing or two today (but thats another post) ok here we go most of my cards was inspired from a few magazines one is  Paper crafts Nov/Dec 2011 and the other is Paper Crafts Holiday Cards Issue vol 6 I just changed a thing or two to suit my needs

this one is on page 17 at the top, I just changed the house and the saying in the card to a poinsetta to suit the holiday I used my handy dandy sillhouette to cut the poinsetta and some stickles for the center.

This one is on page 22 of the same mag I just took the Sketch thay have there and went from there I love this one

Now this one is all Silhouette I cut out santa  and the fireplace to go on a tag, and found out after it was cut that my measurements were way off but it fit on a card so thats what I did and added the nut crackers on each side

This one Pam said is her fav this one came from the Holiday Cards issue it's on page 13 and I made it the same way its in the magazine the only thing I changed is the saying their card says Merry Christmas while mine says Happy Holidays this was fun it turned out just like the one in the mag

this one is the same book on page 12 I changed a few things like the picture and the ribbon and the paper I like the way it turned out

and last but not least is this one its on page 28 of the same mag the paper is Websters pages the only thing is they had a 12 x12 piece of paper cut to fit the card, the only thing I had was a 6x6 piece cut to fit the card and they used one flower I thought it looked better with two and my saying is changed I left out a few things to. well thats Pams 5 cards, the next time we open gifts it will be my birthday, ( cant wait) that means the I had a free card and got to make Pam anything that I wanted and I cant wait for her to see her gift. so until Dec 7 take care.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day one of the 12 days of christmas with Pam

Ok its here the day that you all have been waiting for, its the 12 (cut down from 25) days of Christmas with my friend Pam, so on day one if you read the post down below is going to be a smash book and I cant wait for her to get her box and open it, so since today is the first I will post a picture of the book I made her

AND HERE IT IS (TA DAAAA) I just love it that little teddy bear just stole my heart I tryed to take make the picture look really Christmassey (what do you think) the paper I used was various papers from various Christmas lines

I added envies large and small some I even made myself, I tryed not to add to many embellies so she could embellish the rest herself, I added some tabs so she could find the writting paper quickly when she wants to journal.

and you know me I had to add some bling here and there, I really hopes she likes it (I know I do) it was really fun and different to make here is a link to Pam's   place gone on over and check out her first day of the 12 days of Christmas (cut down from 25 lol)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Ramdom thought

OK here it is...... I was just sitting here blog hopping looking at a lot of very good work and wondering why I haven't turned out anything original lately, and here's just what I came up with, I have soooooooo many machines, embellishments, paper and the sort that when it comes time to sit down and really do something I get overwhelmed and it takes me hours on top of hours to come up with the slightest little thing, so here is what I think is the solution to my problem. from this point on every month I will choose one die cut machine, one type of paper and embellishments, and so on, and that's what I'm gonna use for that month, I have got to get to know the things that I have what makes them tick what I like about them and just why I choose to purchase them, (other than they were just stinking cute lol )

So without further adue here are the things I will be working with this month

MACHINE; Cricket Expression and Gypsy
CARTRIDGE: Christmas

so lets see what I can come up with this month and I also have to work on the 25 days of Christmas with Pam, this year we are only doing 12 but I have to come up with 25 for Nikki, Ashley, and Kristy I hope I can do it (I don't knowwwww)

Friday, September 9, 2011

The 25 days of Christmas swap with Pam

Pam and I have finally put together our 25 days of Christmas list and we have put a little twist to it this year, this time instead of 25 gifts (one for every day) it will be 13 gifts (one every other day) but it will still be just as fun as it was last year the list is below so grab you a partner and get to scrapping with us so you to can have 25 days of Christmas you will be suprised just how good it feels to open a hand made gift every other day

Dec.   1th   SMASH BOOK-Christmas Theme
Dec.   5th   CHRISTMAS CARDS (6)
Dec.   7th   LINDA's BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Dec.   9th   To/From TAGs (6)
Dec. 12th   NOTECARDS (6)
Dec.  21st  CANDLE
Dec.  23rd  CHARMS (4)
Dec.  24th  PAM's BIRTHDAY
Dec.  25th  CHRISTMAS!!!!!

cant wait to see what you come up with

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Junque Jounal entry

this is my entry for a little contest that is being held by Julie her blog is you are to make a junque journal that is just for you with some of your favorite things in it so here is my junque journal hope you like it I know I do I used the paper I pulled from my stash, it is made by making memories and the line is hul la ba loo, it was just screaming Hello Kitty, I had cut some cherries from my Hello Kitty cartridge and just fell in love with that cartridge and had to use it on this book and they all came together so well I titled the book the remains of the day cause at the end of the day all the little things left over that you don't want to throw away but have no where to put them they will find a home in this book, I will keep a update here when I start add things to it, this should be really fun cant wait to see what the finished product will look like and just how chunky it will be.

now gone on over to Julie's blog and vote vote vote

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Working hard

Hay everyone (everyone thats listining to me) yep I've been busy again and have quit a few things to show and tell

let me start by saying that I made a mini for my co-worker, she needed a gift for her friends birthday, I used my prima flowers and made some page candy for it added some pearls and a saying cut from the paper pack

I also made a charm to hang from the binding, (I tell you, you can learn just about anything on youtube) I love that place,

I tryed to keep this book simple but elegant I made it with manilla envolopes I got from the dollar tree and when it was finished I was in love

I did add just a few bells and whisles a place to store some tags and a slider tag on the other page. it really is a beautful book glad I tood pictures cause its gone now, next

I have had this little wooden book in my stash for years (about 6) and did nothing with it, every time I tryed to start it I would cut the paper the wrong way, and get frustrated and put it down, well I finally was able to finish it and wow I love it, its so colorful and playful,

I tryed to keep this one very simple to, I used my hello kitty cartridge and went to work cutting embellies to go with this book and I'm impressed with it dont know weather to keep it or sell it, love it

another book pulled from my stash it to is very colorful and playful I titled this one friends, this one was kinda hard to work on and with, I will not be buying another one of these books again, but it turned out really pretty what do you think,

heres another mini I dont have to tell you the name its as big as day and I love it, this one I put pictures in and all I have to do now is journal in it  wow I have been busy, have a few more things to show you but will do that later for now everyone have a great day.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Stuff

Got some new stuff to show you, been really busy latley and wow heres just some of the things I've been working on

Made myself a junk journel but I think you spell it jouque journal, (anywhoooo) I made one for my self and I love it, its just a place where you put any and everything you want that you would usually throw away sooner or later receipts, tickets just things that say Hay world i was here and this is what I did, touched, ate, played with, looked at (you get the idea now)

the pages are simple and blank just waiting for me to put something on them these pages are right after I finished the book, but now I have stuffed with things

I used a lot of the diecuts that I received from various swaps and things I had cut out using my machines just to see what they looked like.

Here is a tag i made of Marilyn I was sitting at my desk looking at the picture laying there and thought that would make a great tag, so I picked up the picture and away i went she came out great now I dont know what to do with her, so on my desk she sits looking at me as I scrap away.
Well I dont have any more pictures so Im gonna have to say ta-ta until I can get some more pictures of things to share with you. see ya

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good News

Hay everyone do I have good news for you, my work will now be in the local gallery here in my little town I am so happy my work can you beleive it, well I will be posting more often the things that happen from now on in the gallery but until then here are just some things I'm working on, and you know some just might be for the gallery

this is the cover of a mini I was working on for valentines day I just love the heart man and woman it is so kool, got it from somebody on youtube I must have made 12 of these things before I got it right,

dont know if I posted this one or not but I like it so much I will post it again if I did this is a armore I made from chipboard I had laying around and I love it  got a porblem with closing but I think I got something that will work, I am also working on a mini to match to go inside of the armore, yes I think I will take this one to the gallery I wonder just what kind of price tag I can put on it, I'm also working on a baby girl mini that is turning out really nice, will post it when I have a few more pages done.

this will be a short post I have to take some more pictures to post so for right now I will say nite nite and will post again tomorrow

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Soooooo Much to say

Wow I've been gone for a while AGAIN but I'm back again with a lot to say, so I will tell you things in bits and chunks as not to bore you, so with that being said lets get started.

Lets start with my ornagization I went on a search looking for these Martha Stewart cubby holes after seeing them on Drew (card of my eye's) youtube channel and I love these things I can store so much in those big sliding boxes and I know where everything is, its just great, It really makes my scrapping much easier, I dont spend an hour looking for that thing that I just saw somewhere lol.

And you know I had to go over and check out Michaels and see if their cubes were on sale and low and behold they were, so I got me another 4 draw to store my clear stamps in, (got that tip from Margart (margarets craftes) on you tube thanks Margaret, when I finally make up my dividers and get those draws together I will show you just how great it is.

Next, I have a co-worker that works on checks and whenever she opens a new package of checks there is cardboard in there and she saves them for me, well she sent me a nice size stack of that lovley stuff and I wanted to do something to say thanks, so I made here a little book to put her grand daughters picures in this is the cover, I just fell in love with it when it was finished, I tryed to keep it simple because she is not a scrapbooker, I think you really love it

I use the Die Cuts With a View Sweets stack and my Silhouette to cut some of the embillishments, this book was so much fun to do I have'nt done simple in a long time

  I think I'm gonna do it again, just cause I like it so much, the chipboard was 8 1/2 x 11 I just cut it in half which made the book 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 a great size to work with leaves a lot of room for pictures,

I added a charm, some fibers and a pacie to the binder rings and it just came out so cute I love it,

Ok thats enough for now will tell you more tomorrow,