Monday, May 5, 2008

more cards

this is another card I made with this paper and another one of mish sketches I really love this paper I will be making more cards with this paper, well needless to say after I started turning out these cards everybody wanted to make cards to and so we were off into mother's day card making land and had a good time at it.

with this card I decided to give myself permission to use paper that I purchased back in October of 07 because it was so cute and I just couldnt bring myself to use it but once I started on the cards I just wanted to use all the pretty paper I had, on this on I used my new cupcake stamps, oh I am in love with these stamps, thanks again Mish I cant wait to see what cards and things I will turn out with these stamps.

Now say hello to my mojo, yes it is back and kicking up dust every where, this is the cover page to my all about us album I am so proud of it, now I am working on the divider pages for each of us here is the one for Ashley,

I have decided to make all the divider pages pink because when I have to remove the pages into their own books they will be pink, I have already done so many pages on Ashley that her section is almost full wow I had no idea that I had done so many pages until I started to fill up the books I just love this system IT ROCKS THANKS STACY. Well I gonna go for now until my next post

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