Saturday, March 23, 2013

I know I know-- I have not posted anything in a long long time, (lol) but I'm here now, and boy do I have a lot to say, (what I think I will do is just make a different post for all the different things I've got to say, first off let me start by saying that this weekend is all about the crafting and getting my eat on. Ashley has to go to work at 2 so I'll be here all by my self just me and the crafting: so I got my crock pot going with some beef and broccoli and in the frig marinating is something called ham and cheese shooters, I guess I should tell you that I got all these recipes from pintrest so I guess you can say that its another craft that I've got going on today lol.
ham and cheese sliders

beef and broccoli
I also want to mix up a pan of oven baked chicken fajitas, they are SO good, I don't want to have to worry about food at all this weekend, this weekend is for crafting.

Next: when I got home Friday from work this is what I saw

Yep I had a package, I bet you cant guess what it is, here's a hint, I have been wanting one of these every since I seen it hit the market, and now that dream has finally come true
ITS MY CAMEO yeahhhhhhhh
I love this thing, so today I'm gonna play get acquainted with it and try a couple of things so I will be posting all day long. so let me go play a little and I will be back soon.