Sunday, October 11, 2009

Altered Clips

been working on these things called altered clips, there just big of binder clips alter with scrapbooking supplies and you know what, they come out right cute, here are some examples

this is my fave its for a pet swap, kinda hate to send him away

this is a really cute one to love the flower colors

now this one with the plate and silverware just came to me as soon as i picked up the embellies I have 3 more of these stickers and I think I will make 3 more just like this one

this just came out of the blue, picked up the sticker and it just came to me, dont want to send this one away either, oh well it will be alright I will make more and they will prob be better then these.
got a crop comming next weekend and I cant wait, trying to get my stuff together slowly but surley, everyday I should be doing a little something so when Saturday rolls around all I should have to do is roll everything out the door hope I get some things done, i seem to run my mouth more then I scrap at these things. we will see. ok thats enough for tonite will post more later

Friday, October 9, 2009

How Sad

I had to send my Revolution away to be fixed this week, everytime I tryed to use it little bits and pieces of the gears would fall out and it made this aufwal squeeking noise, so I had to finally break down and send my baby away to be repaired, you know I didnt know how much I really liked that thing until it wasnt around when I wanted to use it. I really think I like it better then the epic. but oh well I have the Epic around to do the job until Revolution gets back I just hope it isnt long until then. got a lot of things I want to cut and the Epics cutting base is just to long I feel like I'll be cranking for days with that thing at least with the Rev I would say about 5 or 6 cranks and there you have it . Quickutz please hurry and send my baby back to me