Tuesday, April 22, 2008

triple sketches

I have subscribed to a blog called triple sketches and I really love it they just started and I have been there since day one, I like the idea of a sketch a week it gives me such hope for my pages and cards in the future. As much as I look foward to those sketches comming in my in email inbox I copy them down, and then nothing just nothing I really must sit down in that scrap room of mine and get my books together, after all that work I did getting everything soarted and put into place from the book I should be able to sit down and create page after page and thats just what I'm gonna do, I did sit down and make some cards this weekend and if I must say so my self they came out right nice I will post them later so my mission this week is to start getting my pages into those new books that I just purchased and get my family library ball rolling, lets get this thing going so my posts can be full of wonderful thoughts and pages from my new system.

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