Friday, June 20, 2008


Well we went and ohhhhh what a place it was, I loved it I have never seen anything like it an indoor water park, spa, game room, it was all so nice I would like to go here every year I must start saving my money now.

our room was on the fourth floor, and a long walk away from the water park (note to self next year make sure you get a room a little closer to the water park) but that aside the room was just what I saw on line when I made my reservations. I loved the balcony I spent a lot of time out there just watching things move around me

I have never seen a indoor water park before this was turly amazing ther was water spriting out of every open hole a big bucket that filled up and dumped water on any one that was standing there, if your not here to get wet this is not the place to be.

this is the spa and I treated myself and my oldest daughter to a massage, our first and oh it felt sooooo good this is something I have to treat myself more often I just felt so good so relaxed everyone should have at least one in their lifetime.

the girls loved the water they stayed in there as long as they could, every day we were there I had to pry them out the water to eat

all in all it was a beautful trip and I am gonna take another as soon as my money is right.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge - Williamsburg - Explore Our Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge - Williamsburg - Explore Our Lodge We are going on vacation and I cant wait were going to great wolf lodge in willimsburg and all I want to do is sit around and do nothing while the kids play their little hearts out I will try and blog while Im there so wish me well and I will talk to you at the lodge