Monday, September 17, 2012

Ok let me start off by saying that I have found a new place to call internet home and I love love love it. No I'm not just saying this to be saying it I'm in love with this site, and the name of this site you ask it's called PINTEREST and it is crazy, its like having your own personal bullentin board where you can pin anything and everything you can find on the internet, I have over 100 boards and I'm there every day adding something to some of my boards, if you have not been there you have got to check it out here are some of the things I have recreated from pinterest gonna try to give the original owners their props so you can go over to their blogs and see where my inspritation came from

this one was a little trying,you can find the original post here   it was kinda hard to get the branches right but once I did it really popped love the embossing on all the cards, I  have a nice collection of embossing folders and NEVER used them for anything, but once I found pinterest it was over I've been on that big shot with those folders every chance I get I love this card, I made them all in two's because sooner or later I'm gonna have to give one away lol

this one came together quick,here is the original post I came pretty close didnt I      had to open my silhouette and get to cutting because I for now I have no foilage dies but that will change when I find me some

this one came together fast to  here is the original   I tell you that embossing is great and I'm using my stamps to there is nothing like pinterest NOTHING
this is sooo cute here is the original card it was so simple just punch and add bling is'nt it sooooo cute.  I also made some tags to here is some of them

now for the tags I did'nt have any of the things I saw in the pictures but I gave it my best shot and I really like mine all these flowers I hand made myself wow I never thought I would use them (thanks pinterest) here is the post to these tags mine looks nothiing like the one on the blog but I tryed 

I love this one love the colors love the layout just love everything about it now the layout is the same as the one I saw in the picture but everything is different (flowers, butterfly, leaves ect....) here is the blog but you will have to hunt around to find the tag

this is the first on I made and when it was finished I knew I had to do more it really got me to using my stash I mean little things I couldnt see a use for anywhere else the perfect place was the tagshere is the post for the original
ok thats it for now got to go pin a few thingsand try and recreate them have a great day everyone

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Love my Silhouette

I spent today playing with my silhouette and making cards and here are some of the ones I came up with

just love this chair and this was the first one I did had to find a way to use this chair its a thinking of you card

well I dont have to tell you what this one is for it speaks for itself lol

this one just said christmas to me so I cut the reindeers and holiday saying and added some snow

this one looked like a little to much after I finished but when I look at the picture its kinda cute what do you think. well thats all for right now I did three post tonight hopefully I will be able to post something again tomorrow nitey nite.

baby basket

I made another All Occasions mini but this time its for someone, made this one for a friend of mine who is having a little boy so I figured I was gonna make a basket around this one and it turned out rather nice

I put buttons on every pull out page and tag (because shes not a scrapper) that way she knows that if it has a botton on it you can either pull it out or open it up. (thought of that all by my self lol)

it came out so nice  I found little things to match the paper in the book you can see the book a little in the background, the baby shower was scheduled for Saturday, but baby decided that he was ready to arrive now so postphone the shower and everyone to the hospital to welcome a bouncing baby boy he is adorable, and mommie loved her basket.


Ok Im quit sure that everyone knows by now about that wonderful site called Pintrest, It is my new Love, and if you have not checked it out you just got to NOW!!!!! I have pinned so much that I have what I named pinners elbow, but it was sure worth it, I get to look at stuff, pin it to my boards and go back any time and look at it or try and make it, so here is a little something I put together from one of my pintrest boards,

these shelvs were made with (waittttt for it waittttt for it) FOAM POASTER BOARD thats right foam poaster board when you get to cutting it up and sliding it all together its pretty sturdy and makes beautful shelves that can hold light weight anything, the large one is holding my Glimmer mists and  my starburst stains and I love it,

this small on is holding my tim holtz (along with some others) stamp pads and its great all this stuff was taking up a lot of space on my desk but once it got this up and running I had a lot more room to work in. I just love it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

All Occasions Minis (Kathy Orta style)

hello every one and how is your day going fine I hope, mine is so I guess you want to know just what have I've been up to in my long absence well first I must say that me and my good friend Pam (pocono pam) as she is known everywhere else have made a pactt no to purchase any scrappy items for a year unless its glue, or tools that need replacing and let me tell you its really been working for me its been hard not going shopping on the weekends and getting at least $100.00 worth of scrappy goodies but on the flip side it has me using up my stash and I mean really digging inot it hard I have made a few things and used up a lot of stuff so with out futher adue lets just get started.

here is a book I made with a tutorial purchased from Kathy Orta as shes known on youtube she is great!!  beyond great she is phenomenomal as a matter of fact her blog is called paper phenomenomal here is a link to her blog   where you can purchase tutorials and watch her videos,  when it comes to minis with style and lots of real estate Kathy is your girl,  l I just love her work,  This one is called the All Occasion Mini, and is turly lives up to its name, you can make this mini (not so mini) for any occasion with any paper

While I have not come up with a title for this one yet but I love love love it As you can see the title will have to have the word journey in it somewhere becaues it was in the paper and I just loved the way it looked on the front of the book, this paper I purchased from a site called flowers to flurshes where they have a new deal of the day every day and it will break you if you keep going back for more, but needless to say I saw this paper kit and just had to have it, it was a really good price for a pack of 25 sheets of paper and embellishments (I could'nt pass it up and yes it was before I started this pactt with pam) back to the book this paper sat around my room for months and months because I thought it was just to pretty to cut into, but when I couldnt purchase anything else I had to use it when I saw this book,

theres plenty of room in this book for 4x6 pictures and journaling and the paper is all glittery (is this a word) I had glitter all over the place but I couldnt stop working on this

is'nt it pretty, it's so pretty that I just had to make another to prove the theory that it is an all occasion mini and here it is

I had some christmas paper that I thought was sooooo pretty in the store and I just had to have it and iat sat around the craft room for a while before I did this book so here it is

well guess what I had to do it again and heres #3

I did an unamed, a Christmas and a Holloween one and I love all three of them, now Im working on two more, one a baby boy and another a baby girl, and they are both lovley here's the boy one

have not got the title together yet but I just know it will be beautful
Now on to the next project

I want to do some craft fairs when they come my way so I have started on a few things these are some post-it-note holders that I want to sell, their real cute and they are made from coasters and a little paper and a small clip I think I can sell them for about $2.00 what do you think

Well thats all for now go a few more things comming down the pike and when they are done I will post them, until then, as tigger would say TTFN

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bird and Butterfly Canvas

Here is a Canvas I made for a dear friend of mine for her new shop that she just opened I hope she likes it

I started with a 6x6 canvas and painted the edges black then added patterned paper in a light gray, I added some black lace to the sides and stared layering flowers until I got the look I liked the center of the small flowers are little pearls

the bible verses are from a pad of verses that was sent to me in a swap I cut them out distressed the edges with some black soot distress ink and mounted them on some pop dots

then I outlined the birds and butterfly's that were already on the paper and added some bling and there you have it I really hope she likes it I enjoyed putting it together knowing that it will be hanging in her shop where every one will see it.

Wrapping up the 25 days of Christmas

I know I know I'm a little ( a lot) late with my posts so I'm gonna play catch up with this one and after this I'm gonna show and tell what I've been up to during the rest of my holiday OK so we left off with the candle, so here is the candle I made Pam
I rolled 4x4 sheets of paper around a dowel and glued them to patterned paper around the candle and tied a big tuell bow around it and for some reason it just wasn't enough so I got out the stickels and rubbed it all over the tuell to make it sparkle and I love the results stamped a Christmas saying and there it is Pam's candle 

next were the charms I really had a time making these because charms are not my for ta I have a problem with knowing what goes where but I did the best I can and here they  are

now the next gift was a wild card for Pam to make and for me it was Pam's birthday and this is what I got her I've had the pink one for a while and I love it so when I saw this one in Burgundy I just had to get it for Pam it had her name written all over it i just knew she would love it, and she did. And last but not least was Christmas day and here's what I got her

now last but not least was Christmas Day and here's what Pam got

its a Hodge podge of this I've been collecting for her since June, just a lot of scrappy things to add to her scrappy stash, and that will do it for Linda and Pam's 25 days of Christmas hope you enjoyed it and I hope you will come back next year to see what we will do then.