Friday, March 25, 2011

New Stuff

Got some new stuff to show you, been really busy latley and wow heres just some of the things I've been working on

Made myself a junk journel but I think you spell it jouque journal, (anywhoooo) I made one for my self and I love it, its just a place where you put any and everything you want that you would usually throw away sooner or later receipts, tickets just things that say Hay world i was here and this is what I did, touched, ate, played with, looked at (you get the idea now)

the pages are simple and blank just waiting for me to put something on them these pages are right after I finished the book, but now I have stuffed with things

I used a lot of the diecuts that I received from various swaps and things I had cut out using my machines just to see what they looked like.

Here is a tag i made of Marilyn I was sitting at my desk looking at the picture laying there and thought that would make a great tag, so I picked up the picture and away i went she came out great now I dont know what to do with her, so on my desk she sits looking at me as I scrap away.
Well I dont have any more pictures so Im gonna have to say ta-ta until I can get some more pictures of things to share with you. see ya