Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My weekend with Shianne

My niece came over Saturday and we spent just about the whole day in the craft room and this is the book she came up with. she did it all by herself all I did was show her how to use the tools and things like that I think she really enjoyed working with her hands and now she has a beautiful journal to talk to her child to be a lovely gift that will keep on giving when that child is old enough to read he/she can sit down and read all about mommy's adventures while they were still in her belly I just love it

this is little miss Shianne and me holding her book. we really must do that again. and when the day was over and she was getting ready to leave I blessed her with my cricut expression and she was in love I hope she has many happy times with it. It is really a great machine I just don't use it like I should I'm in love with my Silhouette. the Cricut really has nothing on my silhouette so why not find the Cricut a home where someone will use it and take care of it. I do believe that Shianne will take good care if it and use it to its fullest  and create many projects with it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello all I'm back again and again I have soooo much to tell you let me start by saying HSN had a 24 hour craft day back in March  I really had a great time watching seeing that HSN has not done this in a long long time.  I started this post a while ago and never finished it so I will post it now.

So here is the box that arrived and it took me and Ashley to drag it into the house it was big and it was heave I was so excited I couldn't wait to open it up and dig inside.

Lets start with this, its Martha Stewart glitter, I got this for Ashley she is the glitter queen in the house and she really makes some beautiful things with it I think it has 12 tubes of some of the prettiest glitter you've ever seen I just love Martha's glitter if I hadn't used my Michaels coupon a few weeks before this show I would have got me one, I have the 20 bottle pack.
This I thought I was getting for Kristy but when it arrived she told me that it was not self adhesive and she couldn't use it but its not going to waste I got big plans for this glitter paper I used some of it on the wedding mini that I'm making for my nephew it cuts very well on my new Cameo, (OH I didn't tell you about that did I ok that will be my next post) 
Really getting into Project life with Becky Higgins so I ordered her Plum core Kit and I love love it love the colors and the patterns, I already have I think 2 core kits of hers, (Amber and Turquoise but not happy with them) and when I seen this one on HSN and heard Lisa say that this was exclusive to HSN I had to jump right on it
With the core kit I got the matching papers and the cards this kit is perfect for the summer months that you document and I also got the markers, I have a boat load of markers and a lot of them I just wore out the tips journaling so I had to start a new set, I just have to remember to get rid of the old ones. lol

Now this is something I have been wanting FOR EVER I just couldn't afford it and HSN had it for a price I could not pass up, my sister has one of these and she lives  by it. I have 3 the X and the 5" and I also have the that's a little larger mouth but every time I go to use them they were just not big enough no with this one I can get corner to corner glue coverage. I love it  

this here is the beginning of a washie tape addition I think I love this stuff its just great you can put it any where, and do anything with it. so when this came up on the screen I had to jump on it I love this stuff. well this is the stuff I got from HSN a while ago a lot of this stuff I have used already and had a good time playing with it. I will say ta-ta for now and will be back soon with a couple of projects.

Monday, June 10, 2013

This Weekend

Ok this weekend my beautiful  grand daughter graduated from Jr High into High School I am so proud the road here was rough sometimes but she made it
Now that was Friday, so Saturday I tried to spend the day crafting and it was just to hot in that room I'm goanna have to get me some AC back there, I'm trying my hand at collages now and saw a video on you tube with Yolie doing a collage on a mailing envelope, I just had to try it and so I did I like the way its turning out wish I could have spent more time on it but the heat was getting to me and had to leave it.  
Went to Wal-Mart the other day and came across this paper trimmer and I couldn't believe the price on it. the thing was $15.00 and I grabbed it up I've always wanted one of these it cuts 6 sheets of paper at one time Love it I found out that it needs another blade and now I have to go search out a blade for the darn thing but that's ok

I'm working on a book for my nephew who is getting married in June I am loving this book and I'm putting everything I got into it I get the feeling it wont be ready for the wedding date but I will mail it to him and his new bride.

This is the paper I'm using for the book got it at Wal-Mart and it really came in handy its all black and white and silver I have a lot of black and white paper pads but this one really works on this book
here's a picture of the naked book before any paper, I made the whole thing from chipboard and paper

well for now that's it will be back soon with another post