Wednesday, September 8, 2010

More to share

Yes I did it again, been gone for a while and left you without any news from me at all, well I'm back and just a few things to report so here goes

This is a mini that I finally finished for my Ashley's Prom and I love it, the dress on the cover looks just like the dress she wore that night, as a matter of fact I made it with materal that came with some flowers I brought her that night,

the book was really fun to do and the papers were very colorful like the dress. the black lollypop flower in this picture I made all by my self. the dress and shoe sticker is covered with glassie accents and the inviet on the left is the original invite for the prom, I love it cant wait to print out the pictures and get them in here.

now onto my craft room, I relized that I have a lot of loot but not a lot of storage so instead of buying scrapping supplies now I am buying these cubes from michaels one at a time until I can store the things I have (and when I use my 40% coupons) they come out to about $17.00 each so far I have three now working on another by payday and I really like them, this one here is holding my chipboard albums from Michaels dollar bin (and I have a lot of them) and my Tim Holtz dies and some more things that I cant remember

and these hold some of my paper just some of my paper and it looks a lot better than it did before, before it was just stacked on top of each other on the floor.  I like this a whole lot better, ok gonna go for now talk to you soon

Friday, August 20, 2010

Been A While I Know

I'm sooooo sorry it has been a while since I've possted anything here and I feel ashamed of myself, so now here is my promise I will try, try, try. to post something, anything here at least once a week. Yeah once a week, that sounds doable to me. So here goes---Been really busy but I did complet a few things so let me show you some of them

this was a coaster, yes a coster that you put your drinks on, and I covered it with the Maraposia papers by dcwv, this is for a swap over at I had a few spots in this swap. cant wait to get these things back and start using them on my projects

this is a tag for the same swap, it really took me a while to get this thing together, i looked in books and online for insprition and came up with nothing. Then looked at the empty tag and wow it came to me, and this is what I came up with, I like it, its kinda big but I can find uses for it

now this is a journaling spot and i think its pretty darn cute, I cut it with the Tim Holtz die and stamped the journaling box on it. I sure hope those  girls in the swap like what I've done. Now lets see is there anything else I can tell you right quick

ohh yea this is a banner I made fror another swap it says CREATE and it turned our beautful I made one before this one and when I was finished and layed it down to look at it and  relized that the banner would not fit in the envelope I had to mail it in so with much dispare I had to make another and this is it lets see if I can find a picture of the first one I made to show you

nope cant find it but heres a picture of a vintage card I made for another swap (trying my hand at vintage) and I really like it what do you think, heres another one

what do you think I love it ok thats all for now will talk to you soon

Friday, May 28, 2010

been busy

Ive been really busy latley, compleated another mini and I really like it the only thing is I have to send it away I think its adorable, the flowers i made myself got the tutorial from youtube love making these roses, used a little bling here and there on the cover and through out the book and sparyed every page with glimmer mist

I used the Tim Holtz tickets, and that metal thing I still dont know what its called, I Love Love this paper I have to get some more to do a book for myself

the stamp set  was one that I got when i was at AC moore it was on sale for $5.00 can you beleive it this stamp sells for $14.00 I was sooo happy and theres another hand made flower I love this one to cause it was made out of and old book I had laying around and it was perfect I'm gonna make a lot more of these to spray it with some glimmer mist and its lovley fits any where you want to put it. well I'm going to create something else now see you soon

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My new style

O.k I'm back and here it is, my new style of scrapping and I'm loveing it, this is a tag I made for a bottle swap I was in on youtube ( know I say youtube a lot) but hay I stay on there a lot now this is a double tag glimmer misted, I ran it through my embossing folder and the little vintage lady was a photo I downloaded from the internet.

the Roses here I made myself (yes youtube again) I'm addicted to them I made so many of them I put them on everything now



the poem is something i had around in the scraproom and the pearls are something I couldnt wait to use and thie seemed like the perfect project along with the ribbon I really liked this tag and when my  new friend received she said she really loved it too I really must make me another one of these

I even put a eyelet on the hole and you know I have'nt used one of those things in a long long while, thats another reason I love youtube its got me using things in my stash that I had forgot I had. well thats it for today I'm off to youtube to learn something else and i will post it then. bye now

I'm Still Here

Ok I know I've been gone for a while (been on youtube) lol and wow have I learned some things, since its been so long since I've posted I will start from the newest things and work my way down,

this is a paper bag album I learned from Laura (following the paper trail) on you tube and I'm in love with this album it is reall fun to make and as my friend Tonya says its really one Chuncky Monkey lol

I titled my book Welcome to my world (and I got a video on you tube) just a sneek peek of some of the things in my little world a little of this and a little of that the little dots on the right hand side was my attempt to put closures on it and found out to late it was ripping into the inside of my book so I had to take them off I will fix that later

it has a lot of spaces for journeling and pictures, thats one thing about these chunky books you cant put to much in them the chunkyer the better lol

I really love this book cant wait to journal in it  and to find a closer for it because its so chunky its really tough finding something to close it, I gave a crop last weekend all the girls wanted to learn was how to make this book so we had a little make and take and everyone walked away with a book of their own, cant wait to see theirs all filled up with patterned paper and pictures, and while I was teaching them I made another and I'm
working on it now (I told you I really like this book)

Done a lot and I do mean a lot of swaps in the last 3 months this a mini I made for a mini album swap I made 8 minis and boy was I all swapped out when I was done with this one, I altered some cloths pins for another swap and they turned out pretty cute if I have to say so myself

I did put more on them than what you see here,

heres another mini for the mini swap this one was for my friend Katie this was my very first attempt at doing a chunky mini what do you think, it was really fun and when it was done I was hooked now I cant go back the other way I must move foward lol

heres a couple of pages of the book it was made of the cardboard from a Caprisun box can you beleive it I saw this on you tube to, I also changed my style of scrapping, I latched onto Tim Holtz products and wow what a difference a lot of glimmer mist tim holtz ink pads distressing tearing, perfect pearls, vintage pictures and the such I love it I couldnt beleive what I was missing before youtube. I got a few more pictures to show you but I have to find them first so for now this is it and I will be back later.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm on Youtube

Well can you beleive it I have a channel on youtube, thats why I have not been updating my blog like I wanted I am addicted to youtube and when I turn on my computer that is the first place I go and stay there until I get tired and fall asleep. well anyway I love love love youtube and I'm having a great time there, I have learned so many new tips and techs there my scrapping has been taken to a whole new level and I love it well I will be posting on a regular from now on, now that I now how to combine the two (blogging and youtube) lol ok I'm going back over to youtube to learn a little more but will post more today.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ohhh Nooooo

I cant beleive it  my Fiskers paper trimmer broke and I was broken hearted I love that trimmer I dont know  how I crafter without it before, I was in the living room watching tv and heard something fall (my dd and my dgd were in my craft room) when I came to see what fell they told me nothing, well later on when I came to craft and picked up my paper trimmer it was broken, well not broken to the point I couldnt use it but the cutting line that runs from one end to the other had popped off

I just couldnt beleive it I could still cut things but I had to go back to guessing if the cut would be correct (thanks alot girls) well any way I went to me lss to mabye get me another one when one of the girls said why don't you call Fiskers first and I did and you know what, those sweet people at Fiskers took all my info told me to take a picture and email it to them and low and behold they sent me another trimmer I love love love Fiskers and will not buy another trimmer that dose not have their name on it, I love this trimmer and would not trade it for the world, well I guess my story is saying Fiskers has a great costumer service department and they can have my business any day.well thats enough for tonight see you all tomorrow I have a lot to tell you