Monday, October 7, 2013

It always seems that the first words in my posts are (I know I've been MIA) so I will just by past that and say that I have exciting news, a lot of exciting news and I should have been put it here but you know how that goes. lol well here goes first of all I reposted a video up on my youtube channel a while back and it went viral can you believe it the thing was seen by thousands of people, and for a brief time everyone in the scrapping community knew my name and a phrase or two I had in that video. How about that, lets see if I can get that thing over here. don't seem to do it so I will do it when I get home well anyway after that video everyone wanted to send me something and it was fun Tim Holtz can you believe it Tim sent me a box and made me a card/tag with his own hands just to say thank you for making me smile wow aint that something

aint this cool I just love it Tim Holtz sent me a tag all I can say is wow Now here is the box of goodies that Tim sent along with the tag
It was chalk full of goodies that I will have fun using that long flower die there I Love it I have the big one but I always said that he should have a small one and now its here and I use it all the time it is now my go to die when I need flowers for anything I just love it. he even sent me a set of his markers for this season the box was truly a blessing and I appreciate it so much, now after that Xxron heard about the video and wanted to send me something to

Love everything in this box to you cant have paper without glue and xxron covered every aspect of that I love every xxron machine I have and they sent refills for just about every one of them I've been using all this stuff too I was just what I needed I was really feeling good now it was like Christmas almost everyday the mail man or ups man showed up on my front door. it don't get better than this or dose it...a few weeks later the ups man knocked on the door again with another box and this one floored me

this one was from Teresa Collins and dose she Rock or what, this box was filled to the top with 5 yes 5 collections from the new line and everyone is great, I love them all and all the embellishments and everything was there, I'm in a world all by myself now. and loving it. this is the answer to the question, the icing on the cake the day that every crafter dreams of and I had it Me lil ol Me wow. now lets see what I made with all these lovely goodies. (tee-hee)


Winnie said...

Had to find your blog, as your youtube always makes me smile! Your happy and cheerful way always makes me feel happy! I enjoyed your videos, and am so happy that Tim and others sent you some fine goodies. I shared pics of my stamp room with him online and he sent me Paris stamps (my room is a Paris theme) and a card. I was dancing around. You would appreciate my enthusiasm. I am taking his online class this week (well watching the videos and will do the tags over the weekend. You rock, Linda!

karlalala said...

i'm just uber jealous!!! just for posting a video?? now, i'm not nearly as cheerful or funny as you, but i'd post a video just to get a box from Sir T!M himself!! yeesh. so jealous. ;-)