Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just a few of my 50 projects

.Hello there, sorry this post is a little (really late) AGAIN but I'm just slow about posting things so please bare with me I will get the hang of it. Like I said on youtube I have joined a facebook group called 50 projects and been having a really good time with it. (fell of the wagon a time or two but got right back on and got back to business) so here are some of my projects.

                                                               THE BOOK
 here is a book I made for my sister who came to visit for a week the book was sitting on my book case in the craft room unfinished for a very long time when I had finished the pages of my project life (the week of her visit) I had a hand full of left over pictures from her visit trying to figure out just what I was going to do with them, looked over at the book case and this little book was born, its a vertical paper bag mini and when I made up my mind what I was going to put in it, It really came together fast. I put all the pictures I had in here the paper line I used is Recollections Today Tomorrow Forever, I used Niki Riki Thickers for the title and some swirl bling to fill in the blanks, the image is a Inky Antics stamp called worldly women( I just love these spunky ladies) coloring them was a challenge but I will keep working at it.(coloring is another project)

here are some of the pictures in the book we went to Joes Crab Shack and had a ball, laughing and talking of old times. when the book was finished I boxed it up and mailed it to her house and when she received it she called me screaming I GOT MY BOOK THANK YOU SO MUCH it felt good to make someone happy with my craft. and since that felt so good off I went to my next project.
 My daughter Ashley has a jewelry business and is always in need of bags to deliver her product in, I was playing with some cuts on my Cameo and cut out these two bags and as soon as I took the pictures she swooped them up and used them, glad she liked them.
I have a friend who is a school teacher, and every year since she's been teaching I have helped her with her bulletin board, and it seems that every year is better than the last, this little tree was a flying by the seat of my pants kind of thing, she said she wanted some type of tree and I had no idea what or how, so after some online research and a lot of tree pictures, some trial and error this tree was born,
now the first tree I stapled to the board, my friend laughed so hard she could not hold it straight for me to staple (I had to admit I laughed a little too) but with the layering and cd's and leaves it turned out to be a cute little tree. I used my cameo to cut out the leaves, bird and squarle  I used brown paper bags for the tree trunk and branches,
for the branches I just took strips of the bag and twisted it really, tight  and glued them to the sides of the tree forming the 3d look on the board, the cd's came after the tree was completed, my friend looked at it and said what if we hang something from the branches? so she told me about a tree she saw online a technology tree, we gathered up some old cd's and this is the final results. I kind of  like it do you.
Ok that's enough for now will post more soon I got a lot of projects to get posted here thanks for stopping by see you soon.

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Winnie said...

Such great projects Linda! Love the book and the great gift bags (your daughter is lucky to have you helping her!). I am really in awe of the bulletin board as I have 2 sisters and a brother all grade school teachers and they will get a kick out of the use of the CDs. I have never seen that before! Enjoy the evening.