Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Projects

Hay I'm back and I have some more of my 50 projects to share, I'm really on a roll here and enjoying every minuet here. I am using things I brought some time ago and have never even opened up, it feels like Christmas every time I come in this room to craft its good to finally get them out of the package and using them. lets start with some vinyl projects. but first let me say, I have a large box of vinyl that I was hoarding for a while rolls and rolls of pretty vinyl that had never been opened, first I had to blow off the dust and open a few of them and I was so happy I had so much of the stuff. I opened up my cameo and picked out a few designs and phrases that I wanted to cut and I started on my journey after I had cut them and put them on the transfer tape and tried to transfer them to the place I wanted I could not believe it but the darn thing would not stick to nothing there was no sticky left on some of it so here are some of the things that I could get to stick

my black vinyl is one of the ones that no longer stick and I was heart broken because I wanted some of my phrases to be in black so I had to settle for navy blue, (oh well what ever works) I love this phrase it says Every family has a story Welcome to Ours it is on my front door.
this is my bedroom door I love this saying to it is just so fun, when my kids first saw it they didn't get it but after a few days they get it.

Here's my bedroom closet I read this every morning when I open my eyes, and it helps, the colors are not what I wanted but it was the only vinyl that would stick.

Now this is the only thing that I had in the color that I wanted. this is one of the colors in my bathroom I was just playing around with some of the flourishes in the cameo and came up with this one and I like it came out just right.

last but not least, this is my project life box, given to me by my bff Pocono Pam it keeps all my Becky Higgins core cards safe and sound and I thought it was a little plane so I added some phrases that I thought fit, they didn't stick to well and when I go to open it some of the letters fall off so I guess I will have to order some more vinyl and try this again but until then I will try and use every bit of that vinyl that I have that will stick. ok that's it for now will come back with more later.

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Winnie said...

Great sentiments there! What a fun way to decorate. I see you mentioned you wanted them "black" for instance. Can they be painted or inked with a permanent ink before applying? Have no idea but thought maybe you could test a tiny piece someday!