Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My weekend with Shianne

My niece came over Saturday and we spent just about the whole day in the craft room and this is the book she came up with. she did it all by herself all I did was show her how to use the tools and things like that I think she really enjoyed working with her hands and now she has a beautiful journal to talk to her child to be a lovely gift that will keep on giving when that child is old enough to read he/she can sit down and read all about mommy's adventures while they were still in her belly I just love it

this is little miss Shianne and me holding her book. we really must do that again. and when the day was over and she was getting ready to leave I blessed her with my cricut expression and she was in love I hope she has many happy times with it. It is really a great machine I just don't use it like I should I'm in love with my Silhouette. the Cricut really has nothing on my silhouette so why not find the Cricut a home where someone will use it and take care of it. I do believe that Shianne will take good care if it and use it to its fullest  and create many projects with it.

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