Friday, October 18, 2013

Project life pages

hello everyone so glad you could stop by and view some of my projects, so lets get to it here are some of my project life pages that also add on to my 50 projects

Im going to start from week 21 and work my way back, (because not all these count into my 50 projects,) I started the project life before the 50 projects this is week 21 and on almost every week you will see something I cooked and something that my fur baby has done and at least one thing that I have either made or ordered, it should be fun to look back on next year

some weeks are more active then others so I take filler pages and tell about something I love, doing, listening to reading anything that's about me or someone in the family,

I try and put at least one picture once a month of gas prices just to look back on and keep up with, and if there's something going on around this little town, a new building coming up, a parade a fair I try and go and take pictures

I have a lot of quotes pinned to my pintrest and I like to use them in my project life pages they come in handy as fillers and they are so true.
my book is on its way, I'm really far behind but I will keep on pushing until it is finished its really fun working on it and it is a nice keepsake to look back on.

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