Saturday, December 10, 2011

Wild card day

Sorry about the late post but it was my birthday and all so this post is kinda late, wild card day is when ever its one of our birthday the other gets to make or buy whatever they want for the others birthday, and on my birthday I made pam a box, but not just any box, it started out like this,

just a regular old box I got from Michaels, it had a shinny finish so I had to strip the box completly down to get all that shinny paper off then I added a layer of gesso and a couple layers of paint

didnt like the way the paint looked so out came the paper and I started covering everything and i loved it once it was covered out came the bling and the flowers and everything just fell into place. (dont you just love it)

Now I just could'nt send Pam just a empty box I had to put something in it so I made her a few little note books to stick in her pocket book so when she needs to jot something down she can have it on hand and I love the idea because it used up a lot of scraps I had laying around, (you know I might make a few more for christmas gifts for the family)

the inside of some is like a junk journal just bits and pieces of patterned paper some stamps, rub-ons and other things I had laying around, some of the other books have just some large index cards cut in half and bound with my chinch (gotta love that chinch) ok thats it for this post next we open to from tags so I'll be right back.

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