Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day one of the 12 days of christmas with Pam

Ok its here the day that you all have been waiting for, its the 12 (cut down from 25) days of Christmas with my friend Pam, so on day one if you read the post down below is going to be a smash book and I cant wait for her to get her box and open it, so since today is the first I will post a picture of the book I made her

AND HERE IT IS (TA DAAAA) I just love it that little teddy bear just stole my heart I tryed to take make the picture look really Christmassey (what do you think) the paper I used was various papers from various Christmas lines

I added envies large and small some I even made myself, I tryed not to add to many embellies so she could embellish the rest herself, I added some tabs so she could find the writting paper quickly when she wants to journal.

and you know me I had to add some bling here and there, I really hopes she likes it (I know I do) it was really fun and different to make here is a link to Pam's   place gone on over and check out her first day of the 12 days of Christmas (cut down from 25 lol)


Pocono Pam said...

The Teddy is so STINKING CUTE!!!

maria zelinski said...

wow that is really awesome. great job :)

Aideen said...

Yay Linda! Looking forward to following along with you and Pam again this year-loving your book :) xx

Cheryl L. said...

Stopped over from FB to check out your swap with Pam! Really enjoyed watching your vids from last year! This album is too cute! TFS!