Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Ramdom thought

OK here it is...... I was just sitting here blog hopping looking at a lot of very good work and wondering why I haven't turned out anything original lately, and here's just what I came up with, I have soooooooo many machines, embellishments, paper and the sort that when it comes time to sit down and really do something I get overwhelmed and it takes me hours on top of hours to come up with the slightest little thing, so here is what I think is the solution to my problem. from this point on every month I will choose one die cut machine, one type of paper and embellishments, and so on, and that's what I'm gonna use for that month, I have got to get to know the things that I have what makes them tick what I like about them and just why I choose to purchase them, (other than they were just stinking cute lol )

So without further adue here are the things I will be working with this month

MACHINE; Cricket Expression and Gypsy
CARTRIDGE: Christmas

so lets see what I can come up with this month and I also have to work on the 25 days of Christmas with Pam, this year we are only doing 12 but I have to come up with 25 for Nikki, Ashley, and Kristy I hope I can do it (I don't knowwwww)

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