Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hello all I'm back again and again I have soooo much to tell you let me start by saying HSN had a 24 hour craft day back in March  I really had a great time watching seeing that HSN has not done this in a long long time.  I started this post a while ago and never finished it so I will post it now.

So here is the box that arrived and it took me and Ashley to drag it into the house it was big and it was heave I was so excited I couldn't wait to open it up and dig inside.

Lets start with this, its Martha Stewart glitter, I got this for Ashley she is the glitter queen in the house and she really makes some beautiful things with it I think it has 12 tubes of some of the prettiest glitter you've ever seen I just love Martha's glitter if I hadn't used my Michaels coupon a few weeks before this show I would have got me one, I have the 20 bottle pack.
This I thought I was getting for Kristy but when it arrived she told me that it was not self adhesive and she couldn't use it but its not going to waste I got big plans for this glitter paper I used some of it on the wedding mini that I'm making for my nephew it cuts very well on my new Cameo, (OH I didn't tell you about that did I ok that will be my next post) 
Really getting into Project life with Becky Higgins so I ordered her Plum core Kit and I love love it love the colors and the patterns, I already have I think 2 core kits of hers, (Amber and Turquoise but not happy with them) and when I seen this one on HSN and heard Lisa say that this was exclusive to HSN I had to jump right on it
With the core kit I got the matching papers and the cards this kit is perfect for the summer months that you document and I also got the markers, I have a boat load of markers and a lot of them I just wore out the tips journaling so I had to start a new set, I just have to remember to get rid of the old ones. lol

Now this is something I have been wanting FOR EVER I just couldn't afford it and HSN had it for a price I could not pass up, my sister has one of these and she lives  by it. I have 3 the X and the 5" and I also have the that's a little larger mouth but every time I go to use them they were just not big enough no with this one I can get corner to corner glue coverage. I love it  

this here is the beginning of a washie tape addition I think I love this stuff its just great you can put it any where, and do anything with it. so when this came up on the screen I had to jump on it I love this stuff. well this is the stuff I got from HSN a while ago a lot of this stuff I have used already and had a good time playing with it. I will say ta-ta for now and will be back soon with a couple of projects.

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Kimi Blundell said...

Wow Linda you got some great goodies there!! Looking forward to seeing them in your projects