Monday, January 2, 2012

Wrapping up the 25 days of Christmas

I know I know I'm a little ( a lot) late with my posts so I'm gonna play catch up with this one and after this I'm gonna show and tell what I've been up to during the rest of my holiday OK so we left off with the candle, so here is the candle I made Pam
I rolled 4x4 sheets of paper around a dowel and glued them to patterned paper around the candle and tied a big tuell bow around it and for some reason it just wasn't enough so I got out the stickels and rubbed it all over the tuell to make it sparkle and I love the results stamped a Christmas saying and there it is Pam's candle 

next were the charms I really had a time making these because charms are not my for ta I have a problem with knowing what goes where but I did the best I can and here they  are

now the next gift was a wild card for Pam to make and for me it was Pam's birthday and this is what I got her I've had the pink one for a while and I love it so when I saw this one in Burgundy I just had to get it for Pam it had her name written all over it i just knew she would love it, and she did. And last but not least was Christmas day and here's what I got her

now last but not least was Christmas Day and here's what Pam got

its a Hodge podge of this I've been collecting for her since June, just a lot of scrappy things to add to her scrappy stash, and that will do it for Linda and Pam's 25 days of Christmas hope you enjoyed it and I hope you will come back next year to see what we will do then.

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