Sunday, July 8, 2012


Ok Im quit sure that everyone knows by now about that wonderful site called Pintrest, It is my new Love, and if you have not checked it out you just got to NOW!!!!! I have pinned so much that I have what I named pinners elbow, but it was sure worth it, I get to look at stuff, pin it to my boards and go back any time and look at it or try and make it, so here is a little something I put together from one of my pintrest boards,

these shelvs were made with (waittttt for it waittttt for it) FOAM POASTER BOARD thats right foam poaster board when you get to cutting it up and sliding it all together its pretty sturdy and makes beautful shelves that can hold light weight anything, the large one is holding my Glimmer mists and  my starburst stains and I love it,

this small on is holding my tim holtz (along with some others) stamp pads and its great all this stuff was taking up a lot of space on my desk but once it got this up and running I had a lot more room to work in. I just love it.

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