Friday, February 12, 2010

Ohhh Nooooo

I cant beleive it  my Fiskers paper trimmer broke and I was broken hearted I love that trimmer I dont know  how I crafter without it before, I was in the living room watching tv and heard something fall (my dd and my dgd were in my craft room) when I came to see what fell they told me nothing, well later on when I came to craft and picked up my paper trimmer it was broken, well not broken to the point I couldnt use it but the cutting line that runs from one end to the other had popped off

I just couldnt beleive it I could still cut things but I had to go back to guessing if the cut would be correct (thanks alot girls) well any way I went to me lss to mabye get me another one when one of the girls said why don't you call Fiskers first and I did and you know what, those sweet people at Fiskers took all my info told me to take a picture and email it to them and low and behold they sent me another trimmer I love love love Fiskers and will not buy another trimmer that dose not have their name on it, I love this trimmer and would not trade it for the world, well I guess my story is saying Fiskers has a great costumer service department and they can have my business any day.well thats enough for tonight see you all tomorrow I have a lot to tell you

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