Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas is Over

O.K now that Christmas is finally over and behind me I can finally get some scrapping done, I still have about 6 swaps that I have to finish between now and February. wish me luck anywho here are some of the things I've been working on, first this is an album that I made for my daughter for christmas its a recpie book with recipies from me and my mother,

I think she really liked it, she is always asking me and my mother how did you make that, write that down for me so I thought this would be the perfect gift, I loaded up the basket with spices that some of the recipies called for and some measuring spoons and cups

I got on you tube and searched mini albums and came across this one I thought it was very cool, not like your regular paper bag albums this one opens very different.

Its like a double hinge book opens two ways and has a little suprise in the middle

two little circle places I love this book I may not make another one in a long time but it was fun when I started.

these are matchbooks for a swap they have coco inside them I used my embossing jacket and I really like using that thing, I will be embossing a lot now I love it, love what it dose to a plan piece of paper

another match book these are little flowers inside this one is for the spring group in the swap well thats it for now, gonna surf the web a little and then its nitie night for me, will be back tomorrow with more of my artwork, until then night


Teresa Hord said...

Super cute blog! I love the recipe book. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Hope you have a great rest of your week!

Stopnstare said...

That recipe book is reallly cute! :-)

kinetickatie said...

I love everything you featured in this post, very cool stuff! I love your idea with the basket full of spices and measuring cups!

Martica said...

This is so cool. It has inspired me.