Wednesday, December 2, 2009


that stands for budget on a box, that is a swap I'm in at the cricut site and I'm loving every day of it  I worked on 25 different hand made gifts and sent them to my partner and she did the same for me well starting December 1st until the 25th you open one hand made gift a day, and I'm loving every day of it this is what I opened on day one

this is an atc (artist trading card) and they are beautful that little snow man is 3d and just jumps off the card at you, the stockings are just as cute as they can be
this is what I opened today

its a ornament, not a tree ornament but a table or shelf ornament I love it got to find a picture to put in that yellow spot I cant wait to display it this christmas when I start decorating.


Adriann said...

Love your projects and your blog!


kinetickatie said...

Where did you learn how to make the book with the pockets? I love that one!