Sunday, September 13, 2009

My love hate relationship with ebay

yes I have a love hate relationship with ebay I love it for the simple fact that everything and anything I could every want is on that site and I do mean everything, I hate it because you have to bid on things and I never never never ever win so I always wind up buying the item right out but you know what even when I but it now it is still cheeper than if I went to the store and got it, take for instance this cartridge for my cricut.

been wanting this cartridge since I heard it was comming out but I could not afford to pay $89.00 for it. Now Walmart has citcut cartridges for $60.00 but they dont have this one, but you know who dose thats right Ebay and I spent half a day online bidding for this cartridge with one seller or another and always lost someone always out bid me. but thats alright, because I just brought it now and now I'm a happy liettle camper, thats right I got it and I didnt pay and arm and leg for it either, I really wanted this thing and I cant wait to get it, I think I want to give away cookbooks for christmas and this is just the  cartridge to do it. but you know what I could have cut it out on my sillhouette and got almost the same results, but I just had to have this one, theres one more that I have to get my hands on its called a walk in my garden cause I'm a sucker for flowers and that cartridge is loaded with them, o.k I'm gonna go to sleep now I'm already in the bed so gonna shut this laptop down and roll over and go to sleep, have to go to work in the morning.

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