Sunday, January 4, 2009

O.K this is January 2009 and no I have not made any new years resolutions, on New Years Day, but they are comming to me one by one slowley but surley. So here goes,

1. this one is to create a BUDGET and to stick with it I have been working with my microsoft money, and after taking a good hard look at my spending habits I relized that I spend away to much money on crap, and that will stop, It's not that I want any thing big or have any special plans for the money but you never know I may want something down the line and anyway my house is starting to get a little stuffed this crap. Take out and fast food must be cut back on, and I must look throu my bills and see what I can pay off and cut back on, not really trying to free up any money just trying to spend wiseley.

2. This one is to teach my child (Ashley) this same lesson to spend money wisley and that it dose not grow on trees, we cant just go out and buy something just because that's what you want there is a way to get it and do it wiseley.

3. And 3rd is I want to blog something every day, I'm always saying that I have nothing to scrap so if I keep my blog up I will always have something to scrap, feelings, sayings favoriets, I have to blog something anything if its only a word I must blog something. If I can sit up in the bed and play solatare until 12 midnight I can blog my thoughts and feeling before I start that game its not that hard, I have a problem with doing something every day but this year I'm gonna work on it and get better at it to.

well thats all that came to my mind so far since the new year came in so now I can kick back and play a little solatire.

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