Wednesday, December 19, 2007

playing catch up

O boy today is the 18th and I havent posted in a long while I have missed 5 days for my mini book so lets see if I can get myself up to speed I will go backwards,

December 18, Ashley and I went to Sommer's house so she could play with her new Christmas present a camera studio she took some really nice pics of us and max.

December 17, I took off a half day and went shopping with Joann I got me a new coat for Christmas it's white down and boy do I love it what a good day

December 16, Went to Kristy's annual Christmas play it was very nice, not as nice as the first one I saw but it was nice I taped it.

December 15, Ashley Kristy and I went to the movies to see the Golden Compass Ashley loved it Kristy didnt understand it and I thought it was o.k

December 14, work, work, work.

and now today, today is Nikki's birthday I texted her and wished her a happy, max is at the groomer getting a cut and I have a Housing Christmas party tonight I'm tired already.

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