Monday, December 3, 2007

December 3

O.K I was reading Ali Edwards blog today and decided that I will do the same and take a picture and blog something everyday this month December and when it's all said and done I will make me a little albume for all these things (I havent figured out what I will call it yet) so seeing that I have missed two days this month this first post will most likely be a long one.

Lets see Saturday was Ashley's best friend Magen's birthday and she went to a sleep over to Magen's house so it was just me and the dog. I got bord and dedided to take out my Christmas decorations. (I have 5 boxes of them) after looking at all those boxes I thought "This is just to much for one house. so I called my daughter to see if she wanted anything I was about to donate she took what she wanted and I began to decorate and now my house is so Christmasee if there is such a word (I can't remember a time when I was ready so early wow yea me...................

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