Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm hooked

ok its offical I am addicted to scrapbooking and all the lovley things that comes with it I have taken into account that I have enought machines to keep me busy for the next 20 years I should be able to make pages from now till eturnety and beyond. This is my baby cricut and I love it, she makes me look like a pro at the things I do,  shes a great cutter and been a loyal friend to me for our time together, but just like mordern tech shes getting old there are times I put the mat in and it just gets stuck but after turning it off and on again she starts working fine, now the only draw back to this little baby is it cuts with cartridges and they cost around $80.00 each now cricut has a lot of great cartridges but who can afford that.

these are some things that I have cut with my little baby this is a birthday card I made for a challange over at scrapbook.com it was entered in a contest and I didnt even get one vote but thats ok cause i like my card I think its cute.
this is a bag I made for Ashley's birthday I made 5 others for the girls she invited to her party but thats another story and another machine.

now this is the big girl I just got her and I love love love her she can cut the same cartridges as the little baby but much larger and when I say larger I mean larger this one uses a 12x12 cutting mat and has a lot more fancy butons to make it do things that the little baby just wont do flip lcd screen flip button quanty button and much much more.
.I cut these flowerw with the big girl and I love them I can now make my own embellishments and don't have to buy them anymore

now here is my ssilhouette another machine I love love now the silhouette goes on a completly different concept then the cricuts, first you have to connect it to a computer and that makes it very hard to transport to crops and such, but not impossable. thats the down side of this machine, but the up side is there is no cartridges to by just plug it into the wall, computer, bring up the software and you can download just about anything on the quickutz site and boy oh boy they have just about anything you can think of I have joined the unlimited download club and can download as much as I want any time I want I love that part if I'm scrapping at 3 am and need a certain die if its not in my library I can go to the site and download it, not a problem, this one also uses a mat and the size of this one is 8 1/2 x 11 thats about as big as it gets but the images are limitless because in this software you can change the images where as the cricut you cannot change anything your are pretty much stuck with what you got.

these are some of the things I cut with the silhouette they are just stinkin cute and when embellished right they look like they just came out of the store.
here is a cake I made for a challange ( I do a lot of swaps and challanges dont I)
ok now that was my electrict machines her is my little hand crank baby, this one has a special place in my heart because it comes with a nice carrying case and I don't have to plug it in so I can take it to any crop I go to now my problem with this is I think I put something to big into it and now when I crank something into it some of my plastick gears start falling out, I have to call quickuts to find out how to repair it but all in all its a good machine, now this one cuts dies and they can cost anywhere from 1 dollar to 150 dollars I dont have a lot of dies for this machine, but the ones I do have are nice I just need to use them

this is my latest little girl shes another crank machine and will cut any die on the market, shes kind of chuckey but it is suppose to take the place of all the other crank machines I have. shes cut dosnt have a little carrying case but I like the wide open mouth so I dont have to cut my paper in such small peices to make my cuts, but I like it.
now thes little one is called the big squeeze it cuts 2x2 dies only and i only have one set of these so I really cant do much with it but I like the font so I use it often when I make mini albums and such.
now i saved the best for last this is my Zutter bind it all its a little machine that binds books together and when I first saw her it was love at first sight, I saved up my little nickels and a relationship was formed I live this one because I really never have to buy another small album again I can make them any sized and shape now if that aint cool I  dont know what is.
so thats my machines and now that I get a chance to look at them side by side here I relize that I got them because I was tired of looking for embelishments and mini albums it just sucked if I found what I was looking for it wasnt the right color or size, so now when I scrap and need a bug or a car I go to one of my little machines and cut it out in the size and color I need, and when I want to make a mini book I go to my little zutter and bind it up after I cut every thing out . well thats all for now, will post tomorrow I think I will go through my scrap room and see what else I have an over abundunce of. lol

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