Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Who Knew..... Hoarders revisited

I just cant believe it that this video is all the rage, after all this time.  I am surprised and overjoyed all at once.  I put this video up again because some of my subbies on YouTube asked where they could find the video, because it is embedded in a series of Table Scraps it was hard to find so I posted it on my channel and WOW it went viral (thanks to Tim Holtz) and I was shocked, I just cant believe that there are so many crafters out there that think the same way that I do (I LOVE IT!!!)  its a good feeling to know that I am not alone.

Thank you so much to everyone of you that watched this video and laughed right along with me My granddaughter and I had a blast making it. and even I watch it now and then and laugh at myself from time to time...

Now with that being said I want everyone to stay with me in the land of milk and honey scrappiness and keep shopping.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Project life pages

hello everyone so glad you could stop by and view some of my projects, so lets get to it here are some of my project life pages that also add on to my 50 projects

Im going to start from week 21 and work my way back, (because not all these count into my 50 projects,) I started the project life before the 50 projects this is week 21 and on almost every week you will see something I cooked and something that my fur baby has done and at least one thing that I have either made or ordered, it should be fun to look back on next year

some weeks are more active then others so I take filler pages and tell about something I love, doing, listening to reading anything that's about me or someone in the family,

I try and put at least one picture once a month of gas prices just to look back on and keep up with, and if there's something going on around this little town, a new building coming up, a parade a fair I try and go and take pictures

I have a lot of quotes pinned to my pintrest and I like to use them in my project life pages they come in handy as fillers and they are so true.
my book is on its way, I'm really far behind but I will keep on pushing until it is finished its really fun working on it and it is a nice keepsake to look back on.

50 projects almost there

ok are you ready for some more projects, here are some that where given away to friends and family, this feels so good

this is a paper bag mini that I made for my friend at the office, she is a grandma and keeps all here photos in her phone, I spyed this unfinished mini on a shelf in my craft room and the light bulb went off. so I got in contact with her 3 girls and asked them to send me some pictures that they had sent their mom already I had them send them to my phone and I had them printed at my local Walgreens and the book took off, now these brown bags, lord knows I have gobbs and gobbs of them in that room, I was so happy to find a use for them so I grabbed one and went to decorating to match the book, put some tissue paper and it was lovley (presentation is everything to me)

the paper I used was DCWV I think its called safari  did a lot of fussy cutting and used some glitter flowers I had laying around in my stash, I tried to place a flower every where she had to pull out a tag (she is not a crafty person) I left here lots of room for journaling and some room to add more pictures if she wishes,
I also found some children quotes I had and tried to used a lot of them in this book, with the create a critter cartridge, I was able to embellish with a bit of whimsy, I came in early that morning and left it on her desk with no note or card and she knew just who put it there, and she loved it, I know she will cherish it and take very good care of it. that made me feel good.

here are some small junke journals I made for another co-worker's daughter, she works in a pet store and always has to write something down, what better way then to use a personalized journal so I pulled out my pet paper (I also have a lot of that) and started cutting, the pet paper is random I picked some up everytime my local scrapbook store (when they were open) had some and it started to pile up but this was the answer to that I used a lot of that paper but I still had a few sheets left, she has not received the books yet her mother is waiting for her birthday next week, I cant wait to see here face when she opens the bag, (oh yes I decorated another bag for this gift to, I'm loving this make and give away it's great and I use a lot of things that I have been hoarding lol)
that's it for now, next time I will share some of my project life layouts.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

More Projects

Hay I'm back and I have some more of my 50 projects to share, I'm really on a roll here and enjoying every minuet here. I am using things I brought some time ago and have never even opened up, it feels like Christmas every time I come in this room to craft its good to finally get them out of the package and using them. lets start with some vinyl projects. but first let me say, I have a large box of vinyl that I was hoarding for a while rolls and rolls of pretty vinyl that had never been opened, first I had to blow off the dust and open a few of them and I was so happy I had so much of the stuff. I opened up my cameo and picked out a few designs and phrases that I wanted to cut and I started on my journey after I had cut them and put them on the transfer tape and tried to transfer them to the place I wanted I could not believe it but the darn thing would not stick to nothing there was no sticky left on some of it so here are some of the things that I could get to stick

my black vinyl is one of the ones that no longer stick and I was heart broken because I wanted some of my phrases to be in black so I had to settle for navy blue, (oh well what ever works) I love this phrase it says Every family has a story Welcome to Ours it is on my front door.
this is my bedroom door I love this saying to it is just so fun, when my kids first saw it they didn't get it but after a few days they get it.

Here's my bedroom closet I read this every morning when I open my eyes, and it helps, the colors are not what I wanted but it was the only vinyl that would stick.

Now this is the only thing that I had in the color that I wanted. this is one of the colors in my bathroom I was just playing around with some of the flourishes in the cameo and came up with this one and I like it came out just right.

last but not least, this is my project life box, given to me by my bff Pocono Pam it keeps all my Becky Higgins core cards safe and sound and I thought it was a little plane so I added some phrases that I thought fit, they didn't stick to well and when I go to open it some of the letters fall off so I guess I will have to order some more vinyl and try this again but until then I will try and use every bit of that vinyl that I have that will stick. ok that's it for now will come back with more later.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just a few of my 50 projects

.Hello there, sorry this post is a little (really late) AGAIN but I'm just slow about posting things so please bare with me I will get the hang of it. Like I said on youtube I have joined a facebook group called 50 projects and been having a really good time with it. (fell of the wagon a time or two but got right back on and got back to business) so here are some of my projects.

                                                               THE BOOK
 here is a book I made for my sister who came to visit for a week the book was sitting on my book case in the craft room unfinished for a very long time when I had finished the pages of my project life (the week of her visit) I had a hand full of left over pictures from her visit trying to figure out just what I was going to do with them, looked over at the book case and this little book was born, its a vertical paper bag mini and when I made up my mind what I was going to put in it, It really came together fast. I put all the pictures I had in here the paper line I used is Recollections Today Tomorrow Forever, I used Niki Riki Thickers for the title and some swirl bling to fill in the blanks, the image is a Inky Antics stamp called worldly women( I just love these spunky ladies) coloring them was a challenge but I will keep working at it.(coloring is another project)

here are some of the pictures in the book we went to Joes Crab Shack and had a ball, laughing and talking of old times. when the book was finished I boxed it up and mailed it to her house and when she received it she called me screaming I GOT MY BOOK THANK YOU SO MUCH it felt good to make someone happy with my craft. and since that felt so good off I went to my next project.
 My daughter Ashley has a jewelry business and is always in need of bags to deliver her product in, I was playing with some cuts on my Cameo and cut out these two bags and as soon as I took the pictures she swooped them up and used them, glad she liked them.
I have a friend who is a school teacher, and every year since she's been teaching I have helped her with her bulletin board, and it seems that every year is better than the last, this little tree was a flying by the seat of my pants kind of thing, she said she wanted some type of tree and I had no idea what or how, so after some online research and a lot of tree pictures, some trial and error this tree was born,
now the first tree I stapled to the board, my friend laughed so hard she could not hold it straight for me to staple (I had to admit I laughed a little too) but with the layering and cd's and leaves it turned out to be a cute little tree. I used my cameo to cut out the leaves, bird and squarle  I used brown paper bags for the tree trunk and branches,
for the branches I just took strips of the bag and twisted it really, tight  and glued them to the sides of the tree forming the 3d look on the board, the cd's came after the tree was completed, my friend looked at it and said what if we hang something from the branches? so she told me about a tree she saw online a technology tree, we gathered up some old cd's and this is the final results. I kind of  like it do you.
Ok that's enough for now will post more soon I got a lot of projects to get posted here thanks for stopping by see you soon.

Monday, October 7, 2013

It always seems that the first words in my posts are (I know I've been MIA) so I will just by past that and say that I have exciting news, a lot of exciting news and I should have been put it here but you know how that goes. lol well here goes first of all I reposted a video up on my youtube channel a while back and it went viral can you believe it the thing was seen by thousands of people, and for a brief time everyone in the scrapping community knew my name and a phrase or two I had in that video. How about that, lets see if I can get that thing over here. don't seem to do it so I will do it when I get home well anyway after that video everyone wanted to send me something and it was fun Tim Holtz can you believe it Tim sent me a box and made me a card/tag with his own hands just to say thank you for making me smile wow aint that something

aint this cool I just love it Tim Holtz sent me a tag all I can say is wow Now here is the box of goodies that Tim sent along with the tag
It was chalk full of goodies that I will have fun using that long flower die there I Love it I have the big one but I always said that he should have a small one and now its here and I use it all the time it is now my go to die when I need flowers for anything I just love it. he even sent me a set of his markers for this season the box was truly a blessing and I appreciate it so much, now after that Xxron heard about the video and wanted to send me something to

Love everything in this box to you cant have paper without glue and xxron covered every aspect of that I love every xxron machine I have and they sent refills for just about every one of them I've been using all this stuff too I was just what I needed I was really feeling good now it was like Christmas almost everyday the mail man or ups man showed up on my front door. it don't get better than this or dose it...a few weeks later the ups man knocked on the door again with another box and this one floored me

this one was from Teresa Collins and dose she Rock or what, this box was filled to the top with 5 yes 5 collections from the new line and everyone is great, I love them all and all the embellishments and everything was there, I'm in a world all by myself now. and loving it. this is the answer to the question, the icing on the cake the day that every crafter dreams of and I had it Me lil ol Me wow. now lets see what I made with all these lovely goodies. (tee-hee)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My weekend with Shianne

My niece came over Saturday and we spent just about the whole day in the craft room and this is the book she came up with. she did it all by herself all I did was show her how to use the tools and things like that I think she really enjoyed working with her hands and now she has a beautiful journal to talk to her child to be a lovely gift that will keep on giving when that child is old enough to read he/she can sit down and read all about mommy's adventures while they were still in her belly I just love it

this is little miss Shianne and me holding her book. we really must do that again. and when the day was over and she was getting ready to leave I blessed her with my cricut expression and she was in love I hope she has many happy times with it. It is really a great machine I just don't use it like I should I'm in love with my Silhouette. the Cricut really has nothing on my silhouette so why not find the Cricut a home where someone will use it and take care of it. I do believe that Shianne will take good care if it and use it to its fullest  and create many projects with it.